Journal Papers (저널논문)168

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Kinetic Monte Carlo approach to nonequilibrium bosonic systemsLiew T.C.H.; Flayac H.; Poletti D., et al
2017-11Strain-shear coupling in bilayer MoS2Jae-Ung Lee; Sungjong Woo; Jaesung Park, et al
2017-05Effects of magnetic field topology in black hole-neutron star mergers: Long-term simulationsMew-Bing Wan
2017-10Anderson localization in generalized discrete-time quantum walksI. Vakulchyk; M. V. Fistul; P. Qin, et al
2018-01Evolution of Temporal Coherence in Confined Exciton-Polariton CondensatesM. Klaas; H. Flayac; M. Amthor, et al
2016-11Extreme lattices: symmetries and decorrelationA Andreanov; A Scardicchio; S Torquato
2016-04Gate-Tunable Spin Transport and Giant Electroresistance in Ferromagnetic Graphene Vertical HeterostructuresNojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park; Seung Joo Lee
2016-03Nonlinear Phenomena of Ultracold Atomic Gases in Optical Lattices: Emergence of Novel Features in Extended StatesGentaro Watanabe; B. Prasanna Venkatesh; Raka Dasgupta
2016-06Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations with Perturbed Flat BandsRamaz Khomeriki; Sergej Flach
2018-01Polariton condensation in photonic crystals with high molecular orientationD V Karpov; I G Savenko
2017-09Antiresonance induced by symmetry-broken contacts in quasi-one-dimensional latticesJung-Wan Ryu; Nojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park
2016-06Quasiperiodic driving of Anderson localized waves in one dimensionH. Hatami; C. Danieli; J.D. Bodyfelt, et al
2018-10Excitation of localized condensates in the flat band of the exciton-polariton Lieb latticeMeng Sun; Savenko, Ivan; Sergej, Flach, et al
2018-10Mechanically driven spin-orbit-active weak linksM. Jonson; R.I. Shekhter; O. Entin-Wohlman, et al
2018-11Photoinduced electric currents in Bose-Einstein condensatesV. M. Kovalev; I. G. Savenko
2018-11Realization of a magneto-optical near-zero index medium by an unpaired Dirac pointXin Zhou; Daniel Leykam; Udvas Chattopadhyay, et al
2017-01Direct Probing of the Electronic Structures of Single-Layer and Bilayer Graphene with a Hexagonal Boron Nitride Tunneling BarrierSuyong Jung; Nojoon Myoung; Jaesung Park, et al
2017-05Paramagnetic resonance in spin-polarized disordered Bose-Einstein condensatesV. M. Kovalev; I. G. Savenko
2017-02Quantum Performance of Thermal Machines over Many CyclesGentaro Watanabe; B. Prasanna Benkatesh; Peter Talkner, et al
2018-06Nonreciprocity in synthetic photonic materials with nonlinearityWeijian Chen; Daniel Leykam; Y.D. Chong, et al
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