Journal Papers (저널논문)113

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Kinetic Monte Carlo approach to nonequilibrium bosonic systemsLiew T.C.H.; Flayac H.; Poletti D., et al
2017-11Strain-shear coupling in bilayer MoS2Jae-Ung Lee; Sungjong Woo; Jaesung Park, et al
2017-05Effects of magnetic field topology in black hole-neutron star mergers: Long-term simulationsMew-Bing Wan
2016-08Operation of a semiconductor microcavity under electric excitationKarpov D.V.; Ivan G. Savenko
2016-08Spin and charge thermopower effects in the ferromagnetic graphene junctionJavad Vahedi; Fattaneh Barimani
2016-06Attraction-induced dynamical stability of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a nonlinear latticeRaka Dasgupta; B. Prasanna Venkatesh; Gentaro Watanabe
2016-02Poisson’s ratio in layered two-dimensional crystalsSungjong Woo; Hee Chul Park; Young-Woo Son
2017-04Multivalley engineering in semiconductor microcavitiesMeng Sun; Ivan G. Savenko; H. Flayac, et al
2017-04Quantum subdiffusion with two- and three-body interactionsIgor I. Yusipov; Tetyana V. Laptyeva; Anna Yu. Pirova, et al
2017-03Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimensionWulayimu Maimaiti; Alexey Andreanov; Hee Chul Park, et al
2017-03Transition of a nanomechanical Sharvin oscillator towards the chaotic regimeJoon Hyong Cho; Minah Seo; Taikjin Lee, et al
2017-04Nonlinear entangled quantum dynamics in many-body systems with strong electron correlationJongbae Hong
2017-12Gas molecule sensing of van der Waals tunnel field effect transistorsHong Kyw Choi; Jaesung Park; Nojoon Myoung, et al
2016-06Scaling Law for Irreversible Entropy Production in Critical SystemsDanh-Tai Hoang; B. Prasanna Venkatesh; Seungju Han, et al
2016-02Multiple period states of the superfluid Fermi gas in an optical latticeSukjin Yoon; Franco Dalfovo; Takashi Nakatsukasa, et al
2016-06Quasiperiodic driving of Anderson localized waves in one dimensionH. Hatami; C. Danieli; J.D. Bodyfelt, et al
2016-09The Asymmetric Active Coupler: Stable Nonlinear Supermodes and Directed TransportKominis Y.; Bountis T.; Sergej Flach
2016-10Shielding and localization in the presence of long-range hoppingG. L. Celardo; R. Kaiser; F. Borgonovi
2016-10Lift force due to odd Hall viscosityE. Kogan
2018-01Polariton condensation in photonic crystals with high molecular orientationD V Karpov; I G Savenko
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