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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-113d-electron Heisenberg pyrochlore Mn2Sb2O7Darren C. Peets; Hasung Sim; Maxim Avdeev, et al
2017-07A computational study on hydrogen storage in potential wells using K-intercalated graphite oxideJaehyun Bae; Dongwook Kim; Jong Hyun Jung, et al
2018-01A parallel input composite transimpedance amplifierD. J. Kim; Choong Hyun Kim
2015-06A review of molecular beam epitaxy of ferroelectric BaTiO3 films on Si, Ge and GaAs substrates and their applicationsMazet, L; Sang Mo Yang; Kalinin, SV, et al
2017-05Ablation laser fluence as an effective parameter to control superconductivity in Ba1−xKxBiO3 filmsHodong Lee; Minu Kim; Oleksandr B Korneta, et al
2018-10Abnormal phase flip in the coherent phonon oscillations of Ca2RuO4Min-Cheol Lee; Choong Hyun Kim; Inho Kwak, et al
2012-12Active Control of Ferroelectric Switching Using Defect-Dipole EngineeringDaesu Lee; Byung Chul Jeon; Seung Hyub Baek, et al
2019-04Analysis of migration maps and features of magnetic properties of LiNi0.9M0.1PO4 (M = Co, Mn) single crystalsUrusova, N; Semkin, M; Kratochvilova, M, et al
2014-03Anisotropic optical response of nanocrystalline v2O5 thin films and effects of oxygen vacancy formationTae Dong Kang; Chung, J.S.; Jong-Gul Yoon
2018-01Anisotropic suppression of octahedral breathing distortion with the fully strained BaBiO3/BaCeO3 heterointerfaceHan Gyeol Lee; Rokyeon Kim; Jinkwon Kim, et al
2015-06Anisotropy and strong-coupling effects on the collective mode spectrum of chiral superconductors: application to Sr2RuO4James A.Sauls; Hao Wu; Suk Bum Chung
2016-06Annealing condition dependence of the superconducting property and the pseudo-gap in the protect-annealed electron-doped cupratesWoobeen Jung; Dongjoon Song; Su Hyun Cho, et al
2019-11Anomalous anisotropic behaviour of spin-triplet proximity effect in Au/SrRuO3/Sr2RuO4 junctionsM. S. Anwar; M. Kunieda; R. Ishiguro, et al
2014-06Anomalous effect due to oxygen vacancy accumulation below the electrode in bipolar RS Pt/Nb:STO cellsShin Buhm Lee; Jae Sung Lee; Jong-Bong Park, et al
2015-07Anomalous magnetic structure and spin dynamics in magnetoelectric LiFePO4Toft-Petersen, R; Reehuis, M; Jensen, TBS, et al
2012-11Antiferromagnetic ordering in Li2MnO3 single crystals with a two-dimensional honeycomb latticeSanghyun Lee; Seongil Choi; Jiyeon Kim, et al
2019-10Antiferromagnetic ordering in van der Waals 2D magnetic material MnPS3 probed by Raman spectroscopyKangwon Kim; Soo Yeon Lim; Jungcheol Kim, et al
2015-12Atomic structure and growth mechanism of T1 precipitate in Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag alloySung Jin Kang; Kim T.-H.; Yang C.-W., et al
2020-02Atomic-Scale Metal–Insulator Transition in SrRuO3 Ultrathin Films Triggered by Surface Termination ConversionHan Gyeol Lee; Lingfei Wang; Liang Si, et al
2019-02Band Gap Closing in a Synthetic Hall Tube of Neutral FermionsJeong Ho Han; Jin Hyoun Kang; Y. Shin
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