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Search for Boosted Dark Matter in COSINE-100

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Search for Boosted Dark Matter in COSINE-100
Adhikari, G.; Carlin, N.; Jae Jin Choi; Choi, S.; Ezeribe, A.C.; França, L.E.; Ha, C.; Kevin Insik Hahn; Hollick, S.J.; Eunju Jeon; Jo, J.H.; Joo, H.W.; Woon Gu Kang; Kauer, M.; Bongho Kim; Kim, H.J.; Kim, J.; Go Woon Kim; Sung Hyun Kim; Kim, S.K.; Woo Tae Kim; Yeongduk Kim; Yong Hamb Kim; Young Ju Ko; Lee, D.H.; Eun Kyoung Lee; Hye Jin Lee; Hyun Su Lee; Hye Young Lee; In Su Lee; Jaison Lee; Lee, J.Y.; Moo Hyun Lee; Sunghoon Lee; Lee, S.M.; Lee, Y.J.; D.S. Leonard; Luan, N.T.; Manzato, B.B.; Maruyama, R.H.; Neal, R.J.; Nikkel, J.A.; S.L. Olsen; B.J. Park; Park, H.K.; Park, H.S.; K.S. Park; Park, S.D.; Pitta, R.L.C.; H. Prihtiadi; Se Jin Ra; Rott, C.; Keonah Shin; Cavalcante, D.F.F.S.; Scarff, A.; Spooner, N.J.C.; Thompson, W.G.; Yang, L.; Gyunho Yu
Publication Date
Physical review letters, v.131, no.20
American Physical Society
We search for energetic electron recoil signals induced by boosted dark matter (BDM) from the galactic center using the COSINE-100 array of NaI(Tl) crystal detectors at the Yangyang Underground Laboratory. The signal would be an excess of events with energies above 4 MeV over the well-understood background. Because no excess of events are observed in a 97.7  kg·yr exposure, we set limits on BDM interactions under a variety of hypotheses. Notably, we explored the dark photon parameter space, leading to competitive limits compared to direct dark photon search experiments, particularly for dark photon masses below 4 MeV and considering the invisible decay mode. Furthermore, by comparing our results with a previous BDM search conducted by the Super-Kamionkande experiment, we found that the COSINE-100 detector has advantages in searching for low-mass dark matter. This analysis demonstrates the potential of the COSINE-100 detector to search for MeV electron recoil signals produced by the dark sector particle interactions.
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