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An integrated online radioassay data storage and analytics tool for nEXO

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An integrated online radioassay data storage and analytics tool for nEXO
Tsang, R.H.M.; Piepke, A.; Al, Kharusi S.; Angelico, E.; Arnquist, I.J.; Atencio, A.; Badhrees, I.; Bane, J.; Belov, V.; Bernard, E.P.; Bhat, A.; Bhatta, T.; Bolotnikov, A.; Breur, P.A.; Brodsky, J.P.; Brown, E.; Brunner, T.; Caden, E.; Cao, G.F.; Cao, L.Q.; Cesmecioglu, D.; Chambers, C.; Chambers, E.; Chana, B.; Charlebois, S.A.; Chernyak, D.; Chiu, M.; Cleveland, B.; Cohen, J.R.; Collister, R.; Cvitan, M.; Dalmasson, J.; Darroch, L.; Deslandes, K.; DeVoe, R.; di, Vacri M.L.; Ding, Y.Y.; Dolinski, M.J.; Echevers, J.; Eckert, B.; Elbeltagi, M.; Elmansali, R.; Fabris, L.; Fairbank, W.; Farine, J.; Fu, Y.S.; Gallacher, D.; Gallina, G.; Gautam, P.; Giacomini, G.; Gillis, W.; Gingras, C.; Goeldi, D.; Gornea, R.; Gratta, G.; Guan, Y.D.; Hardy, C.A.; Hedges, S.; Heffner, M.; Hein, E.; Holt, J.; Hoppe, E.W.; House, A.; Hunt, W.; Iverson, A.; Jamil, A.; Jiang, X.S.; Karelin, A.; Kaufman, L.J.; Kotov, I.; Krucken, R.; Kuchenkov, A.; Kumar, K.S.; Larson, A.; Leach, K.G.; Lenardo, B.G.; Douglas Leonard; Li, G.; Li, S.; Li, Z.; Licciardi, C.; Lindsay, R.; MacLellan, R.; Mahtab, M.; Majidi, S.; Malbrunot, C.; Martel-Dion, P.; Masbou, J.; Massacret, N.; McMichael, K.; Mong, B.; Moore, D.C.; Murray, K.; Nattress, J.; Natzke, C.R.; Ngwadla, X.E.; Ni, K.; Nolan, A.; Nowicki, S.C.; Nzobadila, Ondze J.C.; Orrell, J.L.; Ortega, G.S.; Overman, C.T.; Peltz-Smalley, H.; Perna, A.; Pinto, Franco T.; Pocar, A.; Pratte, J.-F.; Radeka, V.; Raguzin, E.; Rasiwala, H.; Ray, D.; Rebeiro, B.M.; Rescia, S.; Retiere, F.; Richardson, G.; Ringuette, J.; Riot, V.; Rowson, P.C.; Roy, N.; Rudolph, L.; Saldanha, R.; Sangiorgio, S.; Schwartz, S.; Soderstrom, J.; Soma, A.K.; Spadoni, F.; Stekhanov, V.; Sun, X.L.; Teimoori, Barakoohi E.; Thibado, S.; Tidball, A.; Totev, T.; Triambak, S.; Tsang, T.; Tyuka, O.A.; Underwood, R.; van, Bruggen E.; Veeraraghavan, V.; Vidal, M.; Viel, S.; Walent, M.; Wamba, K.; Wang, Q.D.; Wang, W.; Wang, Y.G.; Watts, M.; Wei, W.; Wen, L.J.; Wichoski, U.; Wilde, S.; Worcester, M.; Wu, S.; Wu, X.M.; Yang, H.; Yang, L.; Yvaine, M.; Zeldovich, O.; Zhao, J.; Ziegler, T.
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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, v.1055
Elsevier BV
Large-scale low-background detectors are increasingly used in rare-event searches as experimental collaborations push for enhanced sensitivity. However, building such detectors, in practice, creates an abundance of radioassay data especially during the conceptual phase of an experiment when hundreds of materials are screened for radiopurity. A tool is needed to manage and make use of the radioassay screening data to quantitatively assess detector design options. We have developed a Materials Database Application for the nEXO experiment to serve this purpose. This paper describes this database application, explains how it functions, and discusses how it streamlines the design of the experiment.
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