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Alpha backgrounds in the AMoRE-Pilot experiment

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Alpha backgrounds in the AMoRE-Pilot experiment
Alenkov, V.; Bae, H.W.; Beyer, J.; Boiko, R.S.; Boonin, K.; Buzanov, O.; Chanthima, N.; Cheoun, M.K.; Choi, S.H.; Danevich, F.A.; Djamal, M.; Drung, D.; Enss, C.; Fleischmann, A.; Gangapshev, A.; Gastaldo, L.; Gavriljuk, Yu. M.; Gezhaev, A.; Grigoryeva, V.D.; Gurentsov, V.; Ha, D.H.; Ha, C.; Ha, E.J.; Insik Hahn; Eun Ju Jeon; Jeon Jin A; Jo, H.S.; Kaewkhao, J.; Chan Seok Kang; Kang, S.J.; Woon Gu Kang; Karki, S.; Kazalov, V.; Khan, A.; Khan, S.; Deayeon Kim; Go Woon Kim; Kim, H.B.; Kim, H.J.; Kim, H.L.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, I.; Kim, W.T.; So Ra Kim; Seung Cheon Kim; Kim, S.K.; Yeongduk Kim; Yong Hamb Kim; Kirdsiri, K.; Young Ju Ko; Kobychev, V.V.; Kornoukhov, V.; Kuz'minov, V.; Kwon, D.H.; Chang Lee; Eun Kyoung Lee; Hye Jin Lee; Hyun Su Lee; Juhee Lee; Jaison Lee; Lee, J.Y.; Lee, K.B.; Moo Hyun Lee; Lee, M.K.; Seung Hyun Lee; Sung Won Lee; Lee, S.W.; Douglas, Leonard; Li, J.; Li, Y.; Limkitjaroenporn, P.; Mailyan Bagrat; Makarov, E.P.; Oh, S.Y.; Yoo Min Oh; Olga Gileva; Stephen Lars Olsen; Pabitra, A.; Panasenko, S.; Indra Raj Pandey; Park, C.W.; Park, H.K.; Park, H.S.; Kang Soon Park; Su Yeon Park; Polischuk, O.G.; Hafizh Prihtiadi; Se Jin Ra; Ratkevich, S.; Rooh, G.; Sari, M.B.; Seo, J.; Seo, K.M.; Shin, J.W.; Keonah Shin; Shlegel, V.N.; Siyeon, K.; Sokur, N.V.; Son, Jukyung; Srisittipokakun, N.; Toibaev, N.; Tretyak, V.I.; Wirawan, R.; Kyungrae Woo; Yoon, Y.S.; Yue, Q.
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European Physical Journal C, v.82, no.12
Institute for Ionics
© 2022, The Author(s).The Advanced Mo-based Rare process Experiment (AMoRE)-Pilot experiment is an initial phase of the AMoRE search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 100Mo, with the purpose of investigating the level and sources of backgrounds. Searches for neutrinoless double beta decay generally require ultimately low backgrounds. Surface α decays on the crystals themselves or nearby materials can deposit a continuum of energies that can be as high as the Q-value of the decay itself and may fall in the region of interest (ROI). To understand these background events, we studied backgrounds from radioactive contaminations internal to and on the surface of the crystals or nearby materials with Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulations. In this study, we report on the measured α energy spectra fitted with the corresponding simulated spectra for six crystal detectors, where sources of background contributions could be identified through high energy α peaks and continuum parts in the energy spectrum for both internal and surface contaminations. We determine the low-energy contributions from internal and surface α contaminations by extrapolating from the α background fitting model.
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