Cosmogenic production of Ar 37 in the context of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment

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Cosmogenic production of Ar 37 in the context of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment
Aalbers, J.; Akerib, D.S.; Al, Musalhi A.K.; Alder, F.; Alsum, S.K.; Amarasinghe, C.S.; Ames, A.; Anderson, T.J.; Angelides, N.; Araujo, H.M.; Armstrong, J.E.; Arthurs, M.; Bai, X.; Baker, A.; Balajthy, J.; Balashov, S.; Bang, J.; Bargemann, J.W.; Bauer, D.; Baxter, A.; Beattie, K.; Bernard, E.P.; Bhatti, A.; Biekert, A.; Biesiadzinski, T.P.; Birch, H.J.; Blockinger, G.M.; Bodnia, E.; Boxer, B.; Brew, C.A.J.; Bras, P.; Burdin, S.; Busenitz, J.K.; Buuck, M.; Cabrita, R.; Carmona-Benitez, M.C.; Cascella, M.; Chan, C.; Chawla, A.; Chen, H.; Chott, N.I.; Cole, A.; Converse, M.V.; Cottle, A.; Cox, G.; Creaner, O.; Cutter, J.E.; Dahl, C.E.; David, A.; De, Viveiros L.; Dobson, J.E.Y.; Druszkiewicz, E.; Eriksen, S.R.; Fan, A.; Fayer, S.; Fearon, N.M.; Fiorucci, S.; Flaecher, H.; Fraser, E.D.; Fruth, T.; Gaitskell, R.J.; Genovesi, J.; Ghag, C.; Gibson, E.; Gilchriese, M.G.D.; Gokhale, S.; Van, Der Grinten M.G.D.; Gwilliam, C.B.; Hall, C.R.; Haselschwardt, S.J.; Hertel, S.A.; Horn, M.; Huang, D.Q.; Hunt, D.; Ignarra, C.M.; Jahangir, O.; James, R.S.; Ji, W.; Johnson, J.; Kaboth, A.C.; Kamaha, A.C.; Kamdin, K.; Khaitan, D.; Khazov, A.; Khurana, I.; Kodroff, D.; Korley, L.; Korolkova, E.V.; Kraus, H.; Kravitz, S.; Kreczko, L.; Kudryavtsev, V.A.; Leason, E.A.; Leonard Douglas; Lesko, K.T.; Levy, C.; Jaison Lee; Lin, J.; Lindote, A.; Linehan, R.; Lippincott, W.H.; Liu, X.; Lopes, M.I.; Lopez, Asamar E.; Lopez-Paredes, B.; Lorenzon, W.; Luitz, S.; Majewski, P.A.; Manalaysay, A.; Manenti, L.; Mannino, R.L.; Marangou, N.; Mccarthy, M.E.; Mckinsey, D.N.; Mclaughlin, J.; Miller, E.H.; Mizrachi, E.; Monte, A.; Monzani, M.E.; Morad, J.A.; Morales, Mendoza J.D.; Morrison, E.; Mount, B.J.; Murphy, A. St. J.; Naim, D.; Naylor, A.; Nedlik, C.; Nelson, H.N.; Neves, F.; Nikoleyczik, J.A.; Nilima, A.; Olcina, I.; Oliver-Mallory, K.; Pal, S.; Palladino, K.J.; Palmer, J.; Parveen, N.; Patton, S.J.; Pease, E.K.; Penning, B.; Pereira, G.; Perry, E.; Pershing, J.; Piepke, A.; Porzio, D.; Qie, Y.; Reichenbacher, J.; Rhyne, C.A.; Richards, A.; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G.R.C.; Rosero, R.; Rossiter, P.; Rushton, T.; Santone, D.; Sazzad, A.B.M.R.; Schnee, R.W.; Scovell, P.R.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T.A.; Silk, J.J.; Silva, C.; Sinev, G.; Smith, R.; Solmaz, M.; Solovov, V.N.; Sorensen, P.; Soria, J.; Stancu, I.; Stevens, A.; Stifter, K.; Suerfu, B.; Sumner, T.J.; Swanson, N.; Szydagis, M.; Taylor, W.C.; Taylor, R.; Temples, D.J.; Terman, P.A.; Tiedt, D.R.; Timalsina, M.; To, W.H.; Tong, Z.; Tovey, D.R.; Trask, M.; Tripathi, M.; Tronstad, D.R.; Turner, W.; Utku, U.; Vaitkus, A.; Wang, B.; Wang, Y.; Wang, J.J.; Wang, W.; Watson, J.R.; Webb, R.C.; White, R.G.; Whitis, T. J. Suerfu; Williams, M.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Woodford, S.; Woodward, D.; Wright, C.J.; Xia, Q.; Xiang, X.; Xu, J.; Yeh, M.
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Physical Review D, v.105, no.8
American Physical Society
© 2022 authors. Published by the American Physical Society.We estimate the amount of Ar37 produced in natural xenon via cosmic-ray-induced spallation, an inevitable consequence of the transportation and storage of xenon on the Earth's surface. We then calculate the resulting Ar37 concentration in a 10-tonne payload (similar to that of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment) assuming a representative schedule of xenon purification, storage, and delivery to the underground facility. Using the spallation model by Silberberg and Tsao, the sea-level production rate of Ar37 in natural xenon is estimated to be 0.024 atoms/kg/day. Assuming the xenon is successively purified to remove radioactive contaminants in 1-tonne batches at a rate of 1 tonne/month, the average Ar37 activity after 10 tons are purified and transported underground is 0.058-0.090 μBq/kg, depending on the degree of argon removal during above-ground purification. Such cosmogenic Ar37 will appear as a noticeable background in the early science data, while decaying with a 35-day half-life. This newly noticed production mechanism of Ar37 should be considered when planning for future liquid-xenon-based experiments.
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