Projected sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment to the two-neutrino and neutrinoless double β decays of Xe 134

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Projected sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment to the two-neutrino and neutrinoless double β decays of Xe 134
Akerib, D.S.; Al, Musalhi A.K.; Alsum, S.K.; Amarasinghe, C.S.; Ames, A.; Anderson, T.J.; Angelides, N.; Araujo, H.M.; Armstrong, J.E.; Arthurs, M.; Bai, X.; Balajthy, J.; Balashov, S.; Bang, J.; Bargemann, J.W.; Bauer, D.; Baxter, A.; Beltrame, P.; Bernard, E.P.; Bernstein, A.; Bhatti, A.; Biekert, A.; Biesiadzinski, T.P.; Birch, H.J.; Blockinger, G.M.; Bodnia, E.; Boxer, B.; Brew, C.A.J.; Bras, P.; Burdin, S.; Busenitz, J.K.; Buuck, M.; Cabrita, R.; Carmona-Benitez, M.C.; Cascella, M.; Chan, C.; Chott, N.I.; Cole, A.; Converse, M.V.; Cottle, A.; Cox, G.; Creaner, O.; Cutter, J.E.; Dahl, C.E.; De, Viveiros L.; Dobson, J.E.Y.; Druszkiewicz, E.; Eriksen, S.R.; Fan, A.; Fayer, S.; Fearon, N.M.; Fiorucci, S.; Flaecher, H.; Fraser, E.D.; Fruth, T.; Gaitskell, R.J.; Genovesi, J.; Ghag, C.; Gibson, E.; Gokhale, S.; Van, Der Grinten M.G.D.; Gwilliam, C.B.; Hall, C.R.; Haselschwardt, S.J.; Hertel, S.A.; Horn, M.; Huang, D.Q.; Gnarra, M.C.I.; Jahangir, O.; James, R.S.; Ji, W.; Johnson, J.; Kaboth, A.C.; Kamaha, A.C.; Kamdin, K.; Kazkaz, K.; Khaitan, D.; Khazov, A.; Khurana, I.; Kodroff, D.; Korley, L.; Korolkova, E.V.; Kraus, H.; Kravitz, S.; Kreczko, L.; Krikler, B.; Kudryavtsev, V.A.; Leason, E.A.; Jaison Lee; Leonard Douglas; Lesko, K.T.; Levy, C.; Liao, J.; Lin, J.; Lindote, A.; Linehan, R.; Lippincott, W.H.; Liu, X.; Lopes, M.I.; Lopez, Asamar E.; Lopez, Paredes B.; Lorenzon, W.; Luitz, S.; Majewski, P.A.; Manalaysay, A.; Manenti, L.; Mannino, R.L.; Marangou, N.; McCarthy, M.E.; McKinsey, D.N.; McLaughlin, J.; Miller, E.H.; Mizrachi, E.; Monte, A.; Monzani, M.E.; Morad, J.A.; Morales, Mendoza J.D.; Morrison, E.; Mount, B.J.; Murphy, A. St. J.; Naim, D.; Naylor, A.; Nedlik, C.; Nelson, H.N.; Neves, F.; Nikoleyczik, J.A.; Nilima, A.; Olcina, I.; Oliver-Mallory, K.C.; Pal, S.; Palladino, K.J.; Palmer, J.; Patton, S.; Parveen, N.; Pease, E.K.; Penning, B.; Pereira, G.; Piepke, A.; Qie, Y.; Reichenbacher, J.; Rhyne, C.A.; Richards, A.; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G.R.C.; Rosero, R.; Rossiter, P.; Santone, D.; Sazzad, A.B.M.R.; Schnee, R.W.; Scovell, P.R.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T.A.; Silk, J.J.; Silva, C.; Smith, R.; Solmaz, M.; Solovov, V.N.; Sorensen, P.; Soria, J.; Stancu, I.; Stevens, A.; Stifter, K.; Suerfu, B.; Sumner, T.J.; Swanson, N.; Szydagis, M.; Taylor, W.C.; Taylor, R.; Temples, D.J.; Terman, P.A.; Tiedt, D.R.; Timalsina, M.; To, W.H.; Tovey, D.R.; Tripathi, M.; Tronstad, D.R.; Turner, W.; Utku, U.; Vaitkus, A.; Wang, B.; Wang, J.J.; Wang, W.; Watson, J.R.; Webb, R.C.; White, R.G.; Whitis, T.J.; Williams, M.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Woodward, D.; Wright, C.J.; Xiang, X.; Xu, J.; Yeh, M.; Zarzhitsky, P.
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Physical Review c, v.104, no.6
The projected sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment to two-neutrino and neutrinoless double β decay of Xe134 is presented. LZ is a 10-tonne xenon time-projection chamber optimized for the detection of dark matter particles and is expected to start operating in 2021 at Sanford Underground Research Facility, USA. Its large mass of natural xenon provides an exceptional opportunity to search for the double β decay of Xe134, for which xenon detectors enriched in Xe136 are less effective. For the two-neutrino decay mode, LZ is predicted to exclude values of the half-life up to 1.7×1024 years at 90% confidence level (CL) and has a three-sigma observation potential of 8.7×1023 years, approaching the predictions of nuclear models. For the neutrinoless decay mode LZ, is projected to exclude values of the half-life up to 7.3×1024 years at 90% CL.
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