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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09750 GeV diphoton resonance and electric dipole momentsKiwoon Choi; Sang Hui Im; Hyungjin Kim, et al
2016-09750 GeV diphoton resonance in a vector-like extension of Hill model at a 100 TeV hadron colliderLiu N.; Wang W.; Mengchao Zhang, et al
2017-03A 2.048 Mb/s Full-Duplex Free-Space Optical Transceiver IC for a Real-Time In Vivo Brain-Computer Interface Mouse Experiment Under Social InteractionGunpil Hwang; Jong-Kwan Choi; Jaehyeok Yang, et al
2014-02A 3.5 V Lithium-Iodine Hybrid Redox Battery with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Current CollectorZhao, Yu; Misun Hong; Mercier, Nadège Bonnet, et al
2019-11A bifunctional auxiliary electrode for safe lithium metal batteriesMoon S.; Tamwattana O.; Hyeokjun Park, et al
2015-10A biosensor for the detection of single base mismatches in microRNAJieon Lee; Park, G.; Dal-Hee Min
2015-12A broadband gamma-ray spectrometry using novel unfolding algorithms for characterization of laser wakefield-generated betatron radiationJong Ho Jeon; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2015A CaMoO4 crystal low temperature detector for the AMoRE neutrinoless double beta decay searchG.B. Kim; Choi S.; Danevich F.A., et al
2015A case study: Effect of defects in CVD-grown graphene on graphene enhanced Raman spectroscopyJong-Chul Yoon; Pradheep Thiyagarajan; Hyo-Jin Ahn, et al
2018-01A central role for PI3K-AKT signaling pathway in linking SAMHD1-deficiency to the type I interferon signatureChanghoon Oh ; Jeongmin Ryoo; Park, K, et al
2014-04A cheap and quickly adaptable in situ electrical contacting TEM sample holder designBorrnert F.; Voigtlander R.; Rellinghaus B., et al
2013-09A chemically activated graphene-encapsulated LiFePO4 composite for high-performance lithium ion batteriesHa J.H; Park S.K.; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2016-02A combinatorial approach to solution-processed InGaO3(ZnO)M superlattice films: Growth mechanisms and their thermoelectric propertiesSung Woon Cho; Myoungho Jeong; Jun Hyeon Kim, et al
2016-11A comparative study of graphite electrodes using the co-intercalation phenomenon for rechargeable Li, Na and K batteriesKim, H; Gabin Yoon; Lim, KM, et al
2017-07A computational study on hydrogen storage in potential wells using K-intercalated graphite oxideJaehyun Bae; Dongwook Kim; Jong Hyun Jung, et al
2019-10A conjecture of Gross and Zagier: Case e (Q) tor ≅ Z&/3ZByeon D.; Taekyung Kim; Yhee D.
2014-08A copper-mediated cross-coupling approach for the synthesis of 3-heteroaryl quinolone and related analoguesSanghye Shin; Yechan Kim; Kiho Kim, et al
2019-04A criterion for existence of right-induced model structuresDrummond-Cole G.C.; Hackney P.
2016-05A criterion for the Legendrian simplicity of the connected sumByung Hee An
2016-11A CURIous Case of Molecular KidnappingDipayan Rudra; Warner J.R.
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