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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-123D interconnected SnO2-coated Cu foam as a high-performance anode for lithium-ion battery applicationsJi Hyun Um; Hyeji Park; Yong-Hun Cho, et al
2018-05A facile approach to improve the performance of alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells by reducing ionic resistanceMin Jeong Kim; Ok-Hee Kim; Sungjun Kim, et al
2017-07A facile synthetic strategy for iron, aniline-based non-precious metal catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsHyunjoon Lee; Min Jeong Kim; Taeho Lim, et al
2017-07A hierarchical cathode catalyst layer architecture for improving the performance of direct methanol fuel cellSungjun Kim; Ji Eun Park; Wonchan Hwang, et al
2014-01Anode electrode with carbon buffer layer for improving methanol oxidation reaction in direct methanol fuel cellYun Sik Kang; Namgee Jung; Kwang-Hyun Choi, et al
2018-09Biomass waste, coffee grounds-derived carbon for lithium storageJi Hyun Um; Yunok Kim; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2018-05Effect of N-doped carbon coatings on the durability of highly loaded platinum and alloy catalysts with different carbon supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Wonchan Hwang; Hyunjoon Lee, et al
2018-12Enhanced Performance of Ionomer Binder with Shorter Side-Chains, Higher Dispersibility, and Lower Equivalent WeightOk-Hee Kim; Seung-Hyeon Oh; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2018-03Enhancement of mass transport in fuel cells using three-dimensional graphene foam as flow fieldJi Eun Park; Jongkoo Lim; Sungjun Kim, et al
2018-05Excellent Performances of Modified RuOs Bimetallic Materials as Anode Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel CellsMin Jeong Kim; Ok-Hee Kim; In-Su Park, et al
2018-09From grass to battery anode: Agricultural biomass hemp-derived carbon for lithium storageJi Hyun Um; Chi-Yeong Ahn; Jinsoo Kim, et al
2018-01Guided cracking of electrodes by stretching prism-patterned membrane electrode assemblies for high-performance fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Segeun Jang; Yong-Hun Cho, et al
2017-09Multidimensional anodized titanium foam photoelctrode for efficient utilization of photons in mesoscopic solar cellsJin Soo Kang; Hyelim Choi; Jin Kim, et al
2014-11Nickel-nitride-coated nickel foam as a counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsSun Ha Park; Yong-Hun Cho; Myounggeun Choi, et al
2014-08Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Inverse Opal Electrode Fabricatedfrom Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene):Poly(StyreneSulfonate)-Filled Polystyrene Template for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSun Ha Park; Ok-Hee Kim; Jin Soo Kang, et al
2017-09Reduction of methanol crossover by thin cracked metal barriers at the interface between membrane and electrode in direct methanol fuel cellsSungjun Kim; Segeun Jang; Sang Moon Kim, et al
2018-03Soft-template synthesis of mesoporous non-precious metal catalyst with Fe-N-X/C active sites for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cellsHighly Cited PaperToengdong Mun; Min Jeong Kim; Shin-Ae Park, et al
2013-02Supported Core@Shell Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells: Close Encounter with RealitySeung Jun Hwang; Sung Jong Yoo; Jungho Shin, et al
2014-06TiO2-core/Sn-shell Nanotube Arrays Based on Monolithic NegativeElectrode for Li-ion BatteriesHyun Sik Kim; Seung-Ho Yu; Yong-Hun Cho, et al