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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12A review of industrially developed components and operation conditions for anion exchange membrane water electrolysisLim A.; Cho M.K.; Lee S.Y., et al
2017-09A Review on Membranes and Catalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Single CellsMin Kyung Cho; Ahyoun Lim; So Young Lee, et al
2018-09Biomass waste, coffee grounds-derived carbon for lithium storageJi Hyun Um; Yunok Kim; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2017-09CO electro-oxidation reaction on Pt nanoparticles: Understanding peak multiplicity through thiol derivative molecule adsorptionDong Young Chung; Myeong Jae Lee; Minhyoung Kim, et al
2018-02Design of structural and functional nanomaterials for lithium-sulfur batteriesJungjin Park; Seung-Ho Yu; Yung-Eun Sung
2018-05Effect of N-doped carbon coatings on the durability of highly loaded platinum and alloy catalysts with different carbon supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Wonchan Hwang; Hyunjoon Lee, et al
2017-10Effect of Porous Metal Flow Field in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell under Pressurized ConditionC.-Y. Ahn; M. S. Lim; W. Hwang, et al
2017-05Electrochemical synthesis of nanoporous tungsten carbide and its application as electrocatalysts for photoelectrochemical cellsJin Soo Kang; Jin Kim; Myeong Jae Lee, et al
2017-11Electrochemical Synthesis of NH3 at Low Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Using a γ-Fe2O3 CatalystJimin Kong; Ahyoun Lim; Changwon Yoon, et al
2018-08Electrochemically Synthesized Mesoscopic Nickel Oxide Films as Photocathodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsJin Soo Kang; Jin Kim; Jeong Soo Kim, et al
2018-12Enhanced Performance of Ionomer Binder with Shorter Side-Chains, Higher Dispersibility, and Lower Equivalent WeightOk-Hee Kim; Seung-Hyeon Oh; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2018-05Excellent Performances of Modified RuOs Bimetallic Materials as Anode Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel CellsMin Jeong Kim; Ok-Hee Kim; In-Su Park, et al
2017-05Facile synthesis of metal hydroxide nanoplates and their application as lithium-ion battery anodesDong Jun Lee; Seung-Ho Yu; Hyeon Seok Lee, et al
2018-09From grass to battery anode: Agricultural biomass hemp-derived carbon for lithium storageJi Hyun Um; Chi-Yeong Ahn; Jinsoo Kim, et al
2018-01Guided cracking of electrodes by stretching prism-patterned membrane electrode assemblies for high-performance fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Segeun Jang; Yong-Hun Cho, et al
2018-07Highly loaded PbS/Mn-doped CdS quantum dots for dual application in solar-to-electrical and solar-to-chemical energy conversionJae-Yup Kim; Youn Jeong Jang; Jongwoo Park, et al
2018-04Influence of TiO2 Particle Size on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Employing an Organic Sensitizer and a Cobalt(III/II) Redox ElectrolyteYoon Jun Son; Jin Soo Kang; Jungjin Yoon, et al
2017-06Iron oxide photoelectrode with multidimensional architecture for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splittingJin Soo Kang; Yoonsook Noh; Jin Kim, et al
2017-09Multidimensional anodized titanium foam photoelctrode for efficient utilization of photons in mesoscopic solar cellsJin Soo Kang; Hyelim Choi; Jin Kim, et al
2018-05Nitrogen-rich hollow carbon spheres decorated with FeCo/fluorine-rich carbon for high performance symmetric supercapacitorsMohanraju Karuppannan; Youngkwang Kim; Yung-Eun Sung, et al
2017-08Self-Assembled Dendritic Pt Nanostructure with High-Index Facets as Highly Active and Durable Electrocatalyst for Oxygen ReductionYoungjin Jang; Kwang-Hyun Choi; Dong Young Chung, et al
2018-08Simultaneous etching and transfer-Free multilayer graphene sheets derived from C60 thin filmsChairul Hudaya; Minjeh Ahn; Si Hyoung Oh, et al
2018-06SnS/C nanocomposites for high-performance sodium ion battery anodesSeung-Ho Yu; Aihua Jin; Xin Huang, et al
2018-05Solvothermal-Derived S-Doped Graphene as an Anode Material for Sodium-lon BatteriesBo Quan; Aihua Jin; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2018-11Tailoring the porosity of MOF-derived N-doped carbon electrocatalysts for highly efficient solar energy conversionJin Soo Kang; Jiho Kang; Dong Young Chung, et al
2018-07Understanding the Roles of Sulfur Dopants in Carbonaceous Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: The Relationship between Catalytic Activity and Work FunctionHeejong Shin; Narae Kang; Daye Kang, et al