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Ahn, Sang Hyun

식물 노화·수명 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-08 A secretome profile indicative of oleate-induced proliferation of HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cells Soyeon ParkJi-Hwan ParkHee-Jung JungJin-Hyeok JangSanghyun AhnYounah KimPann-Ghill SuhSehyun ChaeJong Hyuk YoonSung Ho RyuDaehee HwangJi-Hwan ParkHee-Jung JungSanghyun AhnYounah KimSehyun ChaeDaehee Hwang
2018-03 Quantitative proteomic analysis of changes related to age and calorie restriction in rat liver tissue YounAh KimOh Kwang KwonSehyun ChaeHee-Jung JungSanghyun AhnJu Mi JeonEunji SungSunJoo KimSung Hwan KiKi Wung ChungHae Young ChungYoung Suk JungDaehee HwangSangkyu LeeYounAh KimHee-Jung JungSanghyun AhnDaehee Hwang
2017-06 Characterization of developmental defects in the forebrain resulting from hyperactivated mTOR signaling by integrative analysis of transcriptomic and proteomic data Shin, JKim, MHee-Jung JungCha, HLSuh-Kim, HSanghyun AhnJaehoon JungYounAh KimJun, YLee, SDaehee HwangJaesung Kim