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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Sensitivity and discovery potential of the proposed nEXO experiment to neutrinoless double-beta decayJB Albert,; G. Anton; Arnquist, IJ, et al
2019-09Simulation of charge readout with segmented tiles in nEXOLi Z.; Cen W.R.; Robinson A., et al
2019-07Simulation Study for the Half-Life Measurement of Ta-180m Using HPGe DetectorsG. W. Kim; S. Y. Park; I. S. Hahn, et al
2019-04Simulation study of a pixelated silicon sensor on high resistivity integrated with field effect transistorH.Y. Lee; Hyun, HJ; Jeon, HB, et al
2017-05Simulations of background sources in AMoRE-I experimentA. Luqman; D.H. Ha; J.J. Lee, et al
2016-02Slow control systems of the Reactor Experiment for Neutrino OscillationChoi J.H.; Jang H.I.; Choi W.Q., et al
2016-08Status of direct-detection experiments in Korea on dark matterHyun Su Lee
2018-12Status of the AMoRE Experiment Searching for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Using Low-Temperature DetectorsHyonsuk Jo; Choi, S; Danevich, FA, et al
2017-03Sterile Neutrino Search at the NEOS ExperimentHighly Cited PaperKo, YJ; Kim, BR; Kim, JY, et al
2018-08Study of 19F Levels with Ex = 6.7 - 7.7 MeV by the 15N+α Scattering ExperimentKim D.; Kim G.W.; Park S.Y., et al
2017-12Study of a generalized birks formula for the scintillation response of a CaMoO4 crystalLee J.Y.; Kim H.J.; Kang S.J., et al
2020-02Study of cosmogenic radionuclides in the COSINE-100 NaI(Tl) detectorsBarbosa de Souza E.; Park B.J.; Adhikari G., et al
2018-06Study of fast neutron detector for COSINE-100 experimentAdhikari G.; Adhikari P.; Changhyon Ha, et al
2018-09Study of silicon photomultiplier performance in external electric fieldsSun, XL; Tolba, T; Cao, GF, et al
2016-06Superconducting Dipole Magnet for Strangeness Physics Program at J-PARCAhn J.K.; Sung Hyun Kim; Kim S.H., et al
2019-10Synthesis, Luminescence and Optical Properties of a CaMoO4 Nano-Powder Prepared by Using the Precipitation MethodKarki S.; Aryal P.; Ha D., et al
2015-03Tests on NaI(Tl) crystals for WIMP search at the Yangyang Underground LaboratoryKim, KW; Woon Gu Kang; Oh, SY, et al
2016-04The AMoRE: Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in 100MoHyangKyu Park
2018-09The COSINE-100 data acquisition systemAdhikari G.; Adhikari P.; De Souza E.B., et al
2018-11The crystal: a crystal scintillator for dark matter search experimentPandey I.R.; H.J. Kim; Hyun Su Lee, et al
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