Journal Papers (저널논문)118

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Open intersection numbers and free fieldsAlexander Alexandrov
2016Geometric algebra techniques in flux compactificationsCalin Iuliu Lazaroiu; Babalic E.M.; Coman I.A.
2016-06Enhanced homotopy theory for period integrals of smooth projective hypersurfacesJae-Suk Park; Park J.
2014-07On partially ample adjoint divisorsSung Rak Choi
2015-11The landscape of G-structures in eight-manifold compactifications of M-theoryBabalic, E; Calin Iuliu Lazaroiu
2015-11On equivariant quantum Schubert calculus for G/PHuang Y.; Changzheng Li
2015-11Internal circle uplifts, transversality and stratified G-structuresElena, Mirela Babalic; Calin Iuliu Lazaroiu
2017-04The Chow ring of the moduli space of curves of genus zeroMehdi Tavakol
2016-06Cylinders in singular del Pezzo surfacesIvan Cheltsov; Jihun Park; Joonyeong Won
2015-09Homotopy probability theory IIGabriel C. Drummond-Cole; Jae-Suk Park; John Terilla
2015-09Homotopy probability theory IGabriel C. Drummond-Cole; Jae-Suk Park; John Terilla
2017-03Quasiphantom categories on a family of surfaces isogenous to a higher productKim H.K.; Kim Y.-H.; Kyoung-Seog Lee
2016-12Shrinking good coordinate systems associated to Kuranishi structuresKenji Fukaya; Yong-Geun Oh; Hiroshi Ohta, et al
2018-01Asymptotic base loci via Okounkov bodiesChoi S.R.; Hyun Y.; Park J., et al
2016Rational torsion points on Jacobians of modular curvesHwajong Yoo
2017-08On the structure of braid groups on complexesByung Hee An; Hyo Won Park
2017-06Okounkov bodies associated to pseudoeffective divisors IISung Rak Choi; Jinhyung Park; Joonyeong Won
2016-03Kepler’s Laws and Conic SectionsAlexander Givental
2018-04Grid diagram for singular linksByung Hee An; Hwa Jeong Lee
2018-06Exceptional collections on some fake quadricsKYOUNG-SEOG LEE; TIMOFEY SHABALIN
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