Journal Papers (저널논문)114

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Homotopy probability theory on a Riemannian manifold and the Euler equationGabriel C. Drummond-Cole; John Terilla
2017-09Open intersection numbers and free fieldsAlexander Alexandrov
2016Geometric algebra techniques in flux compactificationsCalin Iuliu Lazaroiu; Babalic E.M.; Coman I.A.
2016Affine cones over smooth cubic surfacesCheltsov I.; Jihun Park; Won J.
2016-07On Eisenstein ideals and the cuspidal group of J 0(N)Hwajong Yoo
2016-05Unimodality of Betti numbers for Hamiltonian circle actions with index-increasing moment MapsYunhyung Cho
2016-06Enhanced homotopy theory for period integrals of smooth projective hypersurfacesJae-Suk Park; Park J.
2016-07Hamiltonian circle action with self-indexing moment mapYunhyung Cho; Kim M.K.
2016Rank one local systems and forms of degree oneBudur N.; Wang B.; Youngho Yoon
2015-12Semifree Hamiltonian circle actions on 6-dimensional symplectic manifolds with non-isolated fixed point setYunhyung Cho; Hwang T.; Suh D.Y.
2017-06Hilbert functions of Cox rings of del Pezzo surfacesPark J.; Joonyeong Won
2017-03Refined open intersection numbers and the Kontsevich-Penner matrix modelAlexander Alexandrov; Alexandr Buryak; Ran J. Tessler
2017-10Betti numbers of configuration spaces of surfacesGabriel D. Drummond-Cole; Ben Knudsen
2017-04Mirror symmetry for exceptional unimodular singularitiesChangzheng Li; Li S.; Saito K., et al
2017-04All complete intersection varieties are Fano visitorsKiem Y.-H.; Kim I.-K.; Lee H., et al
2018-08On B-type Open–Closed Landau–Ginzburg Theories Defined on Calabi–Yau Stein ManifoldsBabalic E.M.; Doryn D.; Lazaroiu C.I., et al
2014-10On partially ample divisorsChoi , Sung Rak
2014-10On the growth sequence for symplectically hyperbolic manifoldsYeongjin Bae
2015-11On equivariant quantum Schubert calculus for G/PHuang Y.; Changzheng Li
2016-03Kepler’s Laws and Conic SectionsAlexander Givental
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