Center for Geometry and Physics(기하학 수리물리 연구단)265

Center for Geometry and Physics기하학 수리물리 연구단

The IBS Center for Geometry and Physics (IBS-CGP) aims to help establish and develop the emerging field of symplectic algebraic topology through a collaborative effort by experts in fields such as symplectic geometry, dynamical systems, algebraic geometry and mathematical physics.
Even though Korea has a long and rich intellectual history, its participation in the modern scientific and mathematical communities is relatively new. In particular, institutes dedicated solely to mathematics are very rare, making the IBS-CGP a valuable institution with the potential to serve an important function within the larger Korean scientific community. The center’s emphasis on international collaboration will offer a chance for scholars with similar passions to plant ideas together and watch them grow, no matter where they are on the globe, and allow the center to serve as a bridge between Korean mathematicians and the international mathematical community.


Center for Geometry and Physics(기하학 수리물리 연구단)

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