Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies(희귀 핵 연구단)97

Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies희귀 핵 연구단

The Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies (CENS) is composed of 4 groups: experimental nuclear astrophysics, experimental nuclear structure, experimental nuclear reaction and theoretical nuclear physics. The Center currenlty conducts various experiments on exotic nuclei using rare isotope (RI) beams from overseas RI accelerators. In the near future, the Center will also utilize RAON, which is a state-of-the-art rare isotope accelerator that is being built in the Sindong area in Daejeon and which will be completed in 2021. CENS is expected to be the cornerstone of exotic nuclear physics research in Korea and to play a leading role in global research. In particular, experiments and theoretical studies on exotic nuclei will be conducted, including on basic properties of short-lived nuclei, the identification of the origin of cosmic elements, and the discovery of new rare isotopes


Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies(희귀 핵 연구단)

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