Journal Papers (저널논문)284

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Mechanical properties of atomically thin boron nitride and the role of interlayer interactionsHighly Cited PaperHot PaperAleksey Falin; Qiran Cai; Elton J.G. Santos, et al
2016-11Si doped T6 carbon structure as an anode material for Li-ion batteries: An ab initio studyA. Rajkamal; E. Mathan Kumar; V. Kathirvel, et al
2016-03Fingerprints of Multiple Electron Scatterings in Single-Layer GrapheneMinbok Jung; Sohn, SD; Park, J, et al
2014-02Capacitance of carbon-based electrical double-layer capacitorsHighly Cited PaperJi H.; Zhao X.; Qiao Z., et al
2015-08Revealing the planar chemistry of two-dimensional heterostructures at the atomic levelHarry Chou; Ariel Ismach; Rudresh Ghosh, et al
2015-09Probing carbon isotope effects on the Raman spectra of graphene with different C-13 concentrationsBruno R. Carvalho; Yufeng Hao; Ariete Righi, et al
2015-03Electron-transfer transparency of graphene: Fast reduction of metal ions on graphene-covered donor surfacesJeong D.W.; Park S.; Choi W.J., et al
2017-03Arrays of horizontal carbon nanotubes of controlled chirality grown using designed catalystsHighly Cited PaperShuchen Zhang; Lixing Kang; Xiao Wang, et al
2019-04Is there chiral correlation between graphitic layers in double-wall carbon nanotubes?Maoshuai He; Ziwei Xu; Danhong Shang, et al
2016-05Rapid thermal decomposition of confined graphene oxide films in airXianjue Chen; Dongli Meng; Bin Wang, et al
2016-02Switchable Polymerization CatalystsHighly Cited PaperAaron J. Teator; Dominika N. Lastovickova; Christopher W. Bielawski
2016-02Lateral Hopping of CO on Ag(110) by Multiple Overtone ExcitationJunepyo Oh; Hyunseob Lim; Ryuichi Arafune, et al
2017-03Sodide and Organic Halides Effect Covalent Functionalization of Single-Layer and Bilayer GrapheneMandakini Biswal; Xu Zhang; David Schilter, et al
2017-10Carrier-Type Modulation and Mobility Improvement of Thin MoTe2Deshun Qu; Xiaochi Liu; Ming Huang, et al
2017-09A redox-switchable ring-closing metathesis catalystDominika N. Lastovickova; Aaron J. Teator; Huiling Shao, et al
2017-11Hydrogenation of monolayer molybdenum diselenide via hydrogen plasma treatmentKyung Yeol Ma; Seong In Yoon; A-Rang Jang, et al
2017-10Advanced Silicon-on-Insulator: Crystalline Silicon on Atomic Layer Deposited Beryllium OxideSeung Min Lee; Jung Hwan Yum; Eric S. Larsen, et al
2015-12Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene and Related MaterialsRyo Kitaura; Yasumitsu Miyata; Rong Xiang, et al
2015-12Continuous Carbon Nanotube-Ultrathin Graphite Hybrid Foams for Increased Thermal Conductivity and Suppressed Subcooling in Composite Phase Change MaterialsIskandar Kholmanov; Jaehyun Kim; Eric Ou, et al
2015-12Selective Tuning of a Particular Chemical Reaction on Surfaces through Electrical Resonance: An ab Initio Molecular Dynamics StudyMasood Yousaf; Dongbin Shin; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
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