Journal Papers (저널논문)11

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Covering radius in the Hamming permutation spaceHendrey K.; Wanless I.M.
2019-09Improper colouring of graphs with no odd clique minorKang D.Y.; Sang-Il Oum
2019-12Mim-width III. Graph powers and generalized distance domination problemsLars Jaffke; O-joung Kwon; Torstein J.F.Strømmea, et al
2019-12On the weight of Berge-F-free hypergraphsEnglish, S; Gerbner, D; Abhishek Methuku, et al
2019-10Online Ramsey theory for a triangle on F‐free graphsHojin Choi; Ilkyoo Choi; Jisu Jeong, et al
2020-01Classes of graphs with no long cycle as a vertex-minor are polynomially χ-boundedKim R.; Kwon O.-J.; Sang-il Oum, et al
2019-12Ramsey numbers of Berge-hypergraphs and related structuresNika Salia; Casey Tompkins; Zhiyu Wang, et al
2019-02Online Ramsey theory for a triangle on F-free graphsChoi, H; Choi, I; Jeong, J, et al
2019-08Tangle-Tree Duality: In Graphs, Matroids and BeyondDiestel, R; SANG-IL OUM
2020-03On 1-factors with prescribed lengths in tournamentsDong Yeap Kang; Kim J.
2020-06An Optimal XP Algorithm for Hamiltonian Cycle on Graphs of Bounded Clique-WidthBergougnoux B.; Kante M.M.; O-joung Kwon