Discrete Mathematics Group(이산 수학 그룹)106

Discrete Mathematics Group이산 수학 그룹
Discrete mathematics is an area of mathematics studying the properties and relationship of mathematical objects having discrete structures, unlike many other areas of mathematics dealing with continuous objects. Discrete structures appear naturally in various research fields such as theoretical computer science, probability theory, dynamical systems, network theory, and topology. Because of the emergence of digital computers relying on discrete data structures, discrete mathematics has been actively investigated for the last few decades and is recognized as one of the important subjects. DIMAG(Discrete Mathematics Group) investigates various research subjects in discrete mathematics, such as graph theory, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, matroid theory, and discrete algorithms. In addition, it aims to create an attractive and active research hub, facilitating collaborations by organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences and attracting visitors.

Website : https://dimag.ibs.re.kr


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