Lightweight and Ultrastrong Polymer Foams with Unusually Superior Flame Retardancy

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dc.contributor.authorLinli Xu-
dc.contributor.authorLinhong Xiao-
dc.contributor.authorPan Jia-
dc.contributor.authorKarel Goossens-
dc.contributor.authorPeng Liu-
dc.contributor.authorHui Li-
dc.contributor.authorChungui Cheng-
dc.contributor.authorYong Huang-
dc.contributor.authorChristopher W. Bielawski-
dc.contributor.authorJianxin Geng-
dc.description.abstractHigh-performance flame-retardant materials are urgently needed to address outstanding issues that pertain to safety. Traditional flame retardants are toxic to the environment and/or lack the physical properties required for use in many contemporary applications. Here, we show that isocyanate-based polyimide (PI) foam, a flammable material, can exhibit unusually superior flame retardancy as well as, other excellent properties, such as being lightweight and displaying high mechanical strength, by incorporating red phosphorus (RP)-hybridized graphene. The covalent bonds formed between the graphene platelets and the PI matrix provide the resultant PI foam with a specific Young's modulus (83 kNm kg(-1)) that is comparable to or even higher than those displayed by state-of-the-art foams, including silica aerogels, polystyrene foams, and polyurethane foams. In addition, even a low content of the RP -hybridized graphene (2.2 wt %) results in an exceptionally higher limiting oxygen index (39.4) than those of traditional flame-retardant polymer-based materials (typically 20-30). The resultant PI foam also exhibits thermal insulation properties that are similar to that of air. Moreover, the RP -hybridized graphene is prepared using a one-step ball milling process in 100% yield, and does not require solvent or produce waste. The preparation of the flame-retardant PI foams can be scaled as the starting materials are commercially available and the techniques employed are industrially compatible. © 2017 American Chemical Society-
dc.publisherAMER CHEMICAL SOC-
dc.titleLightweight and Ultrastrong Polymer Foams with Unusually Superior Flame Retardancy-
dc.subject.keywordred phosphorus-
dc.subject.keywordpolyimide foam-
dc.subject.keywordfire retardant-
dc.subject.keywordcompressive property-
dc.subject.keywordthermal conductivity-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorKarel Goossens-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorChristopher W. Bielawski-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.9, no.31, pp.26392 - 26399-
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