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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Alveoli-inspired facile transport structure of N-doped porous carbon for electrochemical energy applicationsDong Young Chung; Kyung Jae Lee; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2015-08An electrochemical approach to graphene oxide coated sulfur for long cycle lifeMoon J.; Jungjin Park; Jeon C., et al
2016-10Bismuth oxide as a high capacity anode material for sodium-ion batteriesMin-Kun Kim; Seung-Ho Yu; Aihua Jin, et al
2016-04Conversion Reaction-Based Oxide Nanomaterials for Lithium Ion Battery AnodesHighly Cited PaperSeung-Ho Yu; Soo Hong Lee; Dong Jun Lee, et al
2018-02Design of structural and functional nanomaterials for lithium-sulfur batteriesJungjin Park; Seung-Ho Yu; Yung-Eun Sung
2016-08Discharging a Li-S battery with ultra-high sulphur content cathode using a redox mediatorKwi Ryong Kim; Kug-Seung Lee; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2014-02Edge-exposed MoS2 nano-assembled structures as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionHighly Cited PaperDong Young Chung; Park S.-K.; Chung Y.-H., et al
2016-01Effect of PEDOT:PSS Coating on Manganese Oxide Nanowires for Lithium Ion Battery AnodesIn-Hwan Ko; Kim, S.-J.; Lim, J., et al
2016-01Enhancement of cycle performance of Li-S batteries by redistribution of sulfurKwi Ryong Kim; Seung-Ho Yu; Yung-Eun Sung
2017-05Facile synthesis of metal hydroxide nanoplates and their application as lithium-ion battery anodesDong Jun Lee; Seung-Ho Yu; Hyeon Seok Lee, et al
2013-05Galvanic Replacement Reactions in Metal Oxide NanocrystalsHighly Cited PaperMyoung Hwan Oh; Yu, Taekyung; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2016-05Graphene quantum dots: structural integrity and oxygen functional groups for high sulfur/sulfide utilization in lithium sulfur batteriesJungjin Park; Joonhee Moon; Chunjoong Kim, et al
2014-02In situ hydrothermal synthesis of Mn3O4 nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped graphene as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteriesSeung-Keun Park; Aihua Jin; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2017-06Iron oxide photoelectrode with multidimensional architecture for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splittingJin Soo Kang; Yoonsook Noh; Jin Kim, et al
2017-09Multidimensional anodized titanium foam photoelctrode for efficient utilization of photons in mesoscopic solar cellsJin Soo Kang; Hyelim Choi; Jin Kim, et al
2015-05Reactively sputtered nickel nitride as electrocatalytic counter electrode for dye- and quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsJin Soo Kang; Park M.-A.; Kim J.-Y., et al
2013-09Self-assembled Fe3O4 nanoparticle clusters as high-performance anodes for lithium ion batteries via geometric confinementHighly Cited PaperSoo Hong Lee; Seung-Ho Yu; Ji Eun Lee, et al
2014-01Si7Ti4Ni4 as a buffer material for Si and its electrochemical study for lithium ion batteriesKyung Jae Lee; Seung-Ho Yu; Jung-Joon Kim, et al
2016-03Simple size control of TiO2 nanoparticles and their electrochemical performance: Emphasizing the contribution of the surface area to lithium storage at high-ratesLim J.; Ji Hyun Um; Kyung Jae Lee, et al
2015-01SnO2 nanotube arrays embedded in a carbon layer for high-performance lithium-ion battery applicationsJi Hyun Um; Seung-Ho Yu; Cho Y.-H., et al
2018-06SnS/C nanocomposites for high-performance sodium ion battery anodesSeung-Ho Yu; Aihua Jin; Xin Huang, et al
2015-05Soft Template strategy to synthesize iron oxide-titania yolk-shell nanoparticles as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion battery applicationsLim J.; Ji Hyun Um; Ahn J., et al
2018-05Solvothermal-Derived S-Doped Graphene as an Anode Material for Sodium-lon BatteriesBo Quan; Aihua Jin; Seung-Ho Yu, et al
2019-03Spindle-like Fe7S8/N-doped carbon nanohybrids for high-performance sodium ion battery anodesAihua Jin; Mi-Ju Kim; Lee, KS, et al
2014-06TiO2-core/Sn-shell Nanotube Arrays Based on Monolithic NegativeElectrode for Li-ion BatteriesHyun Sik Kim; Seung-Ho Yu; Yong-Hun Cho, et al
2015-01Titanium silicide coated porous silicon nanospheres as anode materials for lithium ion batteriesYoung Min Kim; Ahn J.; Seung-Ho Yu, et al