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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-031,1-Dimethylpyrrolidinium tetrafluoroborate as novel salt for high-voltage electric double-layer capacitorsNguyen, Hoai Van. T; Kyungwon Kwak; Lee Kyung-Koo
2018-04Cyanamide as an Infrared Reporter: Comparison of Vibrational Properties between Nitriles Bonded to N and C AtomsGiseong Lee; Dorota Kossowska; Joonhyung Lim, et al
2016-04DFT computational investigation of tuning the electron donating ability in metal-free organic dyes featuring a thienylethynyl spacer for dye sensitized solar cellsDongkyun Seo; Kwang-Won Park; Jiyoon Kim, et al
2018-12Do osmolytes impact the structure and dynamics of myoglobin?Dorota Kossowska; Kyungwon Kwak; Minhaeng Cho
2018-07Electrochemical Formation of Divalent Samarium Cation and Its Characteristics in LiCl-KCl MeltSang-Eun Bae; Tae Sub Jung; Young-Hwan Cho, et al
2018-09Electronic Effect on the Molecular Motion of Aromatic Amides: Combined Studies Using VT-NMR and Quantum CalculationsKim, Sungsoo; Jungyu Kim; Kim, Jieun, et al
2016-05Enzymatic formation of carbohydrate rings catalyzed by single-walled carbon nanotubesMoon Seop Hyun; Jong Pil Park; Dongkyun Seo, et al
2018-01Hindered C–N bond rotation in triazinyl dithiocarbamatesTaesub Jung; Hee-Jin Do; Jongwoo Son, et al
2018-04In-Situ Measurement of Vitamin C Content in Commercial Tablet Products by Terahertz Time-DomainJuHee Kang; Jeonghun Song; Tae Sub Jung, et al
2016-10Isonitrile as an Ultrasensitive Infrared Reporter of Hydrogen-Bonding Structure and DynamicsMichal Maj; Changwoo Ahn; Bartosz Blasiak, et al
2017-04Modulating Ion Transport and Self-Assembly of Polymer Electrolytes via End-Group ChemistryHa Young Jung; Prithwiraj Mandal; Gyuha Jo, et al
2018-11Nanometric Water Channels in Water-in-Salt Lithium Ion Battery ElectrolyteJoonhyung Lim; Kwanghee Park; Hochan Lee, et al
2019-07Rational Design of an Acetylenic Infrared Probe with Enhanced Dipole Strength and Increased Vibrational LifetimeDorota Kossowska; Kwanghee Park; Jun Young Park, et al
2017-12Revealing the Solvation Structure and Dynamics of Carbonate Electrolytes in Lithium-Ion Batteries by Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectrum ModelingChungwen Liang; Kyungwon Kwak; Minhaeng Cho
2019-12Simultaneous enhancement of transition dipole strength and vibrational lifetime of an alkyne IR probe via π-d backbonding and vibrational decouplingDorota Kossowska; Lee, Giseong; Han, Hogyu, et al
2018-10Synthesis and Characterization of Anguibactin To Reveal Its Competence To Function as a Thermally Stable Surrogate Siderophore for a Gram-Negative Pathogen, Acinetobacter baumanniiHaeun Lee; Woon Young Song; Minju Kim, et al
2018-02Synthesis of organic semiconductor bearing B←N bridged thienylthiazole and diketopyrrolopyrrole for the applicaton of high open-circuit voltage organic photovoltaicsKa Yeon Ryu; Dan-Bi Sung; Suk-Young Won, et al
2019-12Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic study of cytochrome c peroxidase activity in deep eutectic solventKoji Osawa; Dorota Kossowska; Kwanghee Park, et al
2019-08Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of Nonaqueous Lithium Ion Battery ElectrolytesJoonhyung Lim; Lee, Kyung-Koo; Liang, Chungwen, et al
2017-03Ultrafast fluxional exchange dynamics in electrolyte solvation sheath of lithium ion batteryKyung-Koo Lee; Kwanghee Park; Hochan Lee, et al
2016-03Water Hydrogen-Bonding Network Structure and Dynamics at Phospholipid Multibilayer Surface: Femtosecond Mid-IR Pump-Probe SpectroscopyAchintya Kundu; Bartosz Blasiak; Joon-Hyung Lim, et al
2016-06Water Structure at the Lipid Multibilayer Surface: Anionic Versus Cationic Head Group EffectsAchintya Kundu; Kyungwon Kwak; Minhaeng Cho