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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09Absorption dichroism of monolayer 1T’-MoTe2 in visible rangeGang Hee Han; Dong Hoon Keum; Jiong Zhao, et al
2019-06Anomalous Conductance near Percolative Metal-Insulator Transition in Monolayer MoS2 at Low Voltage RegimeByoung Hee Moon; Jung Jun Bae; Gang Hee Han, et al
2016-02Biexciton Emission from Edges and Grain Boundaries of Triangular WS2 MonolayersMin Su Kim; Seok Joon Yun; Yongjun Lee, et al
2015-07Characterization of the structural defects in CVD-grown monolayered MoS2 using near-field photoluminescence imagingYongjun Lee; Seki Park; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-09Dependence of Raman and absorption spectra of stacked bilayer MoS2 on the stacking orientationSeki Park; Hyun Kim; Min Su Kim, et al
2019-11Edge Contact for Carrier Injection and Transport in MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsHomin Choi; Byoung Hee Moon; Jung Ho Kim, et al
2015-07Efficient Exciton-Plasmon Conversion in Ag Nanowire/Monolayer MoS2 Hybrids: Direct Imaging and Quantitative Estimation of Plasmon Coupling and PropagationHyun Seok Lee; Min Su Kim; Youngjo Jin, et al
2015-10Efficient Excitonic Photoluminescence in Direct and Indirect Band Gap Monolayer MoS2Steinhoff, A; Ji-Hee Kim; Jahnke, F, et al
2016-09Electron Excess Doping and Effective Schottky Barrier Reduction on the MoS2/h-BN HeterostructureMin-Kyu Joo; Byoung Hee Moon; Hyunjin Ji, et al
2016-10Enhanced Light Emission from Monolayer Semiconductors by Forming Heterostructures with ZnO Thin FilmsMin Su Kim; Shrawan Roy; Jubok Lee, et al
2016-08Formation of nanosized monolayer MoS2 by oxygen-assisted thinning of multilayer MoS2Guru P. Neupane; Krishna P. Dhakal; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-11Indirect Bandgap Puddles in Monolayer MoS₂ by Substrate-Induced Local StrainBong Gyu Shin; Gang Hee Han; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2016-09Influence of residual promoter to photoluminescence of CVD grown MoS2Hye Min Oh; Gang Hee Han; Hyun Kim, et al
2017-05Integrated Freestanding Two-dimensional Transition Metal DichalcogenidesHyun Jeong; Hye Min Oh; Anisha Gokarna, et al
2017-03Junction-Structure-Dependent Schottky Barrier Inhomogeneity and Device Ideality of Monolayer MoS2 Field-Effect TransistorsByoung Hee Moon; Gang Hee Han; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-06Large Work Function Modulation of Monolayer MoS2 by Ambient GasesSi Young Lee; Kim U.J.; Chung J., et al
2016-05Load-Dependent Friction Hysteresis on GrapheneZhijiang Ye; Philip Egbert; Gang Hee Han, et al
2016-03Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Diode Consisting of Two-Dimensional NanomaterialsHyun Jeong; Hye Min Oh; Seungho Bang, et al
2016-01Misorientation-angle-dependent electrical transport across molybdenum disulfide grain boundariesThuc Hue Ly; David J. Perello; Jiong Zhao, et al
2018-05Misorientation-Angle-Dependent Phase Transformation in van der Waals Multilayers via Electron-Beam IrradiationUn Jeong Kim; Hyangsook Lee; Woojin Lee, et al
2016-11Modulating Electronic Properties of Monolayer MoS2 via Electron-Withdrawing Functional Groups of Graphene OxideHye Min Oh; Hyun Jeong; Gang Hee Han, et al
2017-02Near-field spectral mapping of individual exciton complexes of monolayer WS2 correlated with local defects and charge populationYongjun Lee; Seok Joon Yun; Young Bum Kim, et al
2017-01Observation of Charge Transfer in Heterostructures Composed of MoSe2 Quantum Dots and a Monolayer of MoS2 or WSe2Shrawan Roy; Guru P. Neupane; Krishna P. Dhakal, et al
2016-09Optical Gain in MoS2 via Coupling with Nanostructured Substrate: Fabry-Perot Interference and Plasmonic ExcitationHye Yun Jeong; Kim U.J.; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-05Photochemical Reaction in Monolayer MoS2 via Correlated Photoluminescence, Raman Spectroscopy, and Atomic Force MicroscopyHye Min Oh; Gang Hee Han; Hyun Kim, et al
2015-09Photoluminescence wavelength variation of monolayer MoS2 by oxygen plasma treatmentMin Su Kim; Giwoong Nam; Seki Park, et al
2017-09Role of alkali metal promoter in enhancing lateral growth of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenidesHyun Kim; Gang Hee Han; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2015-11Selective Amplification of the Primary Exciton in a MoS2 MonolayerHyun Seok Lee; Min Su Kim; Youngjo Jin, et al
2015-10Semiconductor–Insulator–Semiconductor Diode Consisting of Monolayer MoS2, h-BN, and GaN HeterostructureHyun Jeong; Seungho Bang; Hye Min Oh, et al
2017-04Simple Chemical Treatment to n-Dope Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides and Enhance the Optical and Electrical CharacteristicsGuru P. Neupane; Minh Dao Tran; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2016-06Simultaneous Hosting of Positive and Negative Trions and the Enhanced Direct Band Emission in MoSe2/MoS2 Heterostacked MultilayersMin Su Kim; Changwon Seo; Hyun Kim, et al
2018-05Soft Coulomb gap and asymmetric scaling towards metal-insulator quantum criticality in multilayer MoS2Byoung Hee Moon; Jung Jun Bae; Min-Kyu Joo, et al
2015-11Spectroscopic Visualization of Grain Boundaries of Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide by Stacking BilayersSeki Park; Min Su Kim; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-10Stranski-Krastanov and Volmer-Weber CVD Growth Regimes To Control the Stacking Order in Bilayer GrapheneHuy Q. Ta; David J. Perello; Dinh Loc Duong, et al
2015-05Synthesis of Centimeter-Scale Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide Film on Gold FoilsSeok Joon Yun; Sang Hoon Chae; Hyun Kim, et al
2017-12Telluriding monolayer MoS2 and WS2 via alkali metal scooterSeok Joon Yun; Gang Hee Han; Hyun Kim, et al
2017-02Thickness-dependent in-plane thermal conductivity of suspended MoS2 grown by chemical vapor depositionJung Jun Bae; Hye Yun Jeong; Gang Hee Han, et al
2015-11Two-dimensional membrane as elastic shell with proof on the folds revealed by three-dimensional atomic mappingJiong Zhao; Deng, Q.; Thuc Hue Ly, et al
2017-02Understanding Coulomb Scattering Mechanism in Monolayer MoS2 Channel in the Presence of h-BN Buffer LayerMin-Kyu Joo; Byoung Hee Moon; Hyunjin Ji, et al
2016-09Vertically Conductive MoS2 Spiral PyramidThuc Hue Ly; Jiong Zhao; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-01Visualizing Point Defects in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides Using Optical MicroscopyHye Yun Jeong; Si Young Lee; Thuc Hue Ly, et al