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Park, Hee Chul

복잡계 이론물리 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-10 Mechanically driven spin-orbit-active weak links M. JonsonR.I. ShekhterO. Entin-WohlmanA. AharonyH.C. ParkD. RadićH.C. Park
2018-06 Strong Two-Mode Parametric Interaction and Amplification in a Nanomechanical Resonator Sungwan ChoSung Un ChoMyunglae JoJunho SuhHee Chul ParkSang Goon KimSeung-Bo ShimYun Daniel ParkHee Chul Park
2018-06 Mechanically induced thermal breakdown in magnetic shuttle structures O A IlinskayaS I KulinichI V KriveR I ShekhterH C ParkM JonsonH C Park
2018-04 Quantum Transport and Non-Hermiticity on Flat-Band Lattices Hee Chul ParkJung-Wan RyuNojoon MyoungHee Chul ParkJung-Wan RyuNojoon Myoung
2017-12 Conductance oscillations in Chern insulator junctions: Valley-isospin dependence and Aharonov-Bohm effects Nojoon MyoungHee Chul Park
2017-11 Strain-shear coupling in bilayer MoS2 Jae-Ung LeeSungjong WooJaesung ParkHee Chul ParkYoung-Woo SonHyeonsik Cheong
2017-09 Antiresonance induced by symmetry-broken contacts in quasi-one-dimensional lattices Jung-Wan RyuNojoon MyoungHee Chul Park
2017-03 Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimension Wulayimu MaimaitiAlexey AndreanovHee Chul ParkOleg GendelmanSergej Flach
2017-01 Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: Loss of dynamical localization Pinquan QinAlexei AndreanovHee Chul ParkSergej Flach
2017-12 Gas molecule sensing of van der Waals tunnel field effect transistors Hong Kyw ChoiJaesung ParkNojoon MyoungHo-Jong KimJin Sik ChoiYoung Kyu ChoiChi-Young HwangJin Tae KimSerin ParkYoonsik YiSoo Kyung ChangHee Chul ParkChanyong HwangChoon-Gi ChoiYoung-Jun YuNojoon MyoungHee Chul Park
2017-03 Transition of a nanomechanical Sharvin oscillator towards the chaotic regime Joon Hyong ChoMinah SeoTaikjin LeeJae Hun KimSeong Chan JunYoung Min JhonKang-Hun AhnRobert H BlickHee Chul ParkChulki KimHee Chul Park
2017-01 Direct Probing of the Electronic Structures of Single-Layer and Bilayer Graphene with a Hexagonal Boron Nitride Tunneling Barrier Suyong JungNojoon MyoungJaesung ParkTae Young JeongHakseong KimKenji WatanabeTakashi TaniguchiDong Han HaChanyong HwangHee Chul ParkNojoon MyoungHee Chul Park