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Rey, Soo Jong

순수물리이론 연구단
Research Group
양자장 중력 및 끈이론 그룹

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-02 Orthogonal bases of invariants in tensor models Pablo DiazSoo-Jong ReySoo-Jong Rey
2017-10 Bound states of little strings and symmetric orbifold conformal field theories Ambreen AhmedStefan HoheneggerAmer IqbalSoo-Jong Rey
2017-11 A String Theory Which Isn't About Strings Kanghoon LeeSoo-Jong ReyJ.A. RosabalKanghoon LeeSoo-Jong ReyJ.A. Rosabal
2017-07 Effective action for non-geometric fluxes duality covariant actions Kanghoon LeeSoo-Jong ReyYuho SakatanKanghoon LeeSoo-Jong ReyYuho Sakatan
2017-07 Dual little strings from F-theory and flop transitions Stefan HoheneggerAmer IqbalSoo-Jong ReyStefan HoheneggerSoo-Jong Rey
2017-05 Supersymmetric many-body systems from partial symmetries — integrability, localization and scrambling Pramod PadmanabhanSoo-Jong ReyTeixeira D.Trancanelli D.Pramod PadmanabhanSoo-Jong Rey
2017-02 A new approach to non-Abelian hydrodynamics Jose J. Fernandez-MelgarejoSoo-Jong ReyPiotr SurowkaSoo-Jong Rey
2016-12 Conformal Janus on Euclidean sphere Dongsu BakAndreas GustavssonSoo-Jong ReyDongsu BakSoo-Jong Rey
2016-11 Massless and massive higher spins from anti-de Sitter space waveguide Seungho GwakJaewon KimSoo-Jong ReySoo-Jong Rey