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Lee, Hye-Sung

순수물리이론 연구단
Research Group
입자이론 및 우주론 그룹

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-09 Examining the origin of dark matter mass at colliders Minho KimHye-Sung LeeMyeonghun ParkMengchao ZhangHye-Sung LeeMyeonghun ParkMengchao Zhang
2017-06 Dark photon relic dark matter production through the dark axion portal Kunio KanetaHye-Sung LeeSeokhoon Yun
2017-04 Gauge see-saw: A mechanism for a light gauge boson Hye-Sung LeeMin-Seok Seo
2017-05 Constraining Higgsino kink tracks from existing LHC searches Sunghoon JungHye-Sung LeeHye-Sung Lee
2017-02 Right-handed neutrino dark matter under the B − L gauge interaction Kunio KanetaZhaofeng KangHye-Sung LeeKunio KanetaHye-Sung Lee
2016-06 Mini force: The (B-L)+xY gauge interaction with a light mediator Hye-Sung LeeSeokhoon Yun
2016-09 Diphoton channel at the LHC experiments to find a hint for a new heavy gauge boson Kunio KanetaSubeom KangHye-Sung LeeKunio KanetaSubeom KangHye-Sung Lee
2016-04 Constraints on the U(1)_L gauge boson in a wide mass range Yu Seon JeongC.S. KimHye-Sung LeeHye-Sung Lee