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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-09 Examining the origin of dark matter mass at colliders Minho KimHye-Sung LeeMyeonghun ParkMengchao ZhangHye-Sung LeeMyeonghun ParkMengchao Zhang
2017-01 Identifying a new particle with jet substructures Chengcheng HanDoojin KimMinho KimKyoungchul KongSung Hak LimMyeonghun Park
2017-01 Simplified DM models with the full SM gauge symmetry: the case of t-channel colored scalar mediators P. KoAlexander NataleMyeonghun ParkHiroshi YokoyaMyeonghun Park
2016-09 Apparent unitarity violation in high mass region of MbW from a “hidden” top partner at high energy colliders Han C.Nojiri M.M.Myeonghun Park
2016-07 Enhancement of new physics signal sensitivity with mistagged charm quarks Kim D.Myeonghun Park
2016-07 Revealing the jet substructure in a compressed spectrum Chengcheng HanMyeonghun Park
2016-04 The diphoton resonance as a gravity mediator of dark matterHighly Cited Paper Han C.Lee H.M.Myeonghun ParkSanz V.
2016-08 Nontrivial dark matter scenarios at the energy frontier Doyoun KimMyeonghun ParkDoyoun KimMyeonghun Park
2016-04 750 GeV diphoton excess may not imply a 750 GeV resonance Won Sang ChoKim D.Kong K.Sung Hak LimMatchev K.T.Park J.-C.Myeonghun ParkWon Sang ChoSung Hak LimMyeonghun Park
2016-02 Using sorted invariant mass variables to evade combinatorial ambiguities in cascade decays Kim D.Matchev K.T.Myeonghun ParkMyeonghun Park
2016-01 OPTIMASS: A Package for the Minimization of Kinematic Mass Functions with Constraints Won Sang ChoJames S. GainerDoojin KimSung Hak LimKonstantin T. MatchevFilip MoortgatLuc PapeMyeonghun ParkWon Sang ChoSung Hak LimMyeonghun Park