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Spray, Andrew

순수물리이론 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-02 Electroweak multiplet dark matter at future lepton colliders Kenji KadotaAndrew SprayKenji KadotaAndrew Spray
2017-02 A systematic effective operator analysis of semi-annihilating dark matter Yi CaiAndrew Spray
2017-02 Implications of diphoton searches for a radion in the bulk-Higgs scenario Peter CoxAnibal D. MedinaTirtha Sankar RayAndrew SprayAndrew Spray
2016-03 Long-lived, colour-triplet scalars from unnaturalness Barnard J.Cox P.Gherghetta T.Andrew Spray
2016-01 Fermionic semi-annihilating dark matter Cai Y.Andrew Spray
2016-06 The galactic center excess from Z3 scalar semi-annihilations Yi CaiAndrew SprayAndrew Spray
2016-06 Novel collider and dark matter phenomenology of a top-philic Z' Pter CoxAnibal D. MedinaTirtha Sankar RayAndrew SprayAndrew Spray