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Yun, Changho

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2017-06 Gut-specific Delivery of T-helper 17 Cells Reduces Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Mice Chun-Pyo HongPark, AreumYang, Bo-GieYun, Chang HoKwak, Min-JungGil-Woo LeeKim, Jung-HwanMin Seong JangEun-Jung LeeEun-Ji JeunYou, GihoonKim, Kwang SoonChoi, YoungwooPark, Ji-HwanHwang, DaeheeIm, Sin-HyeogKim, Jihyun F.Kim, Yoon-KeunSeoh, Ju-YoungSurh, Charles D.Kim, You-MeJang, Myoung HoChun-Pyo HongYang, Bo-GieYun, Chang HoKim, Jung-HwanKim, Kwang SoonHwang, DaeheeIm, Sin-HyeogSurh, Charles D.Jang, Myoung Ho
2016-04 Small intestinal eosinophils regulate Th17 cells by producing IL-1 receptor antagonist Sugawara, REun-Jung LeeMin Seong JangEun-Ji JeunChun-Pyo HongJung-Hwan KimPark, AChang Ho YunSung-Wook HongKim, YMSeoh, JYJung, YCharles D. SurhMiyasaka, MBo-Gie YangMyoung Ho Jang
2016-07 NAMPT suppresses glucose deprivation-induced oxidative stress by increasing NADPH levels in breast cancer SM HongCW ParkSW KimYJ NamJH YuJH ShinCH YunSH ImKT KimYC SungKY ChoiCH YunSH Im
2016-02 Extracellular vesicle-derived protein from Bifidobacterium longum alleviates food allergy through mast cell suppression Jung-Hwan KimEun-Ji JeunChun-Pyo HongKim SHMin Seong JangEun-Jung LeeSook Jin MoonChang Ho YunSin-Hyeog ImJeong SGPark BYKim KTSeoh JYKim YKOh SJHam JSBo-Gie YangMyoung Ho JangJung-Hwan KimEun-Ji JeunChang Ho YunSin-Hyeog ImBo-Gie YangMyoung Ho Jang
2015-11 TLR9 regulates adipose tissue inflammation and obesity-related metabolic disorders Chun-Pyo HongChang Ho YunLee GWPark AKim YMMyoung Ho JangChun-Pyo HongChang Ho YunMyoung Ho Jang
2015-01 Oral immunization of haemaggulutinin H5 expressed in plant endoplasmic reticulum with adjuvant saponin protects mice against highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus infection Goeun LeeYun Jeong NaBo-Gie YangJun-Pyo ChoiYong Bok SeoChun-Pyo HongChangho YunDae Heon KimEun Ju SohnJeong Hee KimYoung Chul SungYoon-Keun KimMyoung Ho JangInhwan HwangGoeun LeeBo-Gie YangChangho YunMyoung Ho Jang