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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2017-04 Quantum subdiffusion with two- and three-body interactions Igor I. YusipovTetyana V. LaptyevaAnna Yu. PirovaIosif B. MeyerovSergej FlachMikhail V. IvanchenkoSergej Flach
2017-01 Localization of weakly disordered flat band states Daniel LeykamJoshua D. BodyfeltAnton S. DesyatnikovSergej FlachSergej Flach
2016-10 Nonlinear localized flat-band modes with spin-orbit coupling G. GligoricA. MaluckovLj. HadzievskiSergej FlachBoris A. Malomed
2016-09 The Asymmetric Active Coupler: Stable Nonlinear Supermodes and Directed Transport Kominis Y.Bountis T.Sergej Flach
2016-06 Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations with Perturbed Flat Bands Ramaz KhomerikiSergej Flach
2015-06 Flat-band engineering of mobility edges Carlo DanieliJoshua D. BodyfeltSergej Flach
2015-05 Frequency Combs with Weakly Lasing Exciton-Polariton Condensates K. RayanovB. L. AltshulerY. G. RuboSergej Flach
2015-03 Interaction-induced connectivity of disordered two-particle states Krimer, DOS. Flach
2015-09 Brennpunkt: Eingesperrt–nicht hinter, sondern auf dem Gitter Sergej FlachJoshua D. BodyfeltSergej Flach
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