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Lee, Sangkyu

사회성 뇌과학 그룹
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사회성 뇌과학 그룹

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-02 Optogenetic control of mRNA localization and translation in live cells Na Yeon KimSangkyu LeeJeonghye YuNury KimSeong Su WonHyerim ParkWon Do HeoSangkyu LeeNury KimSeong Su WonWon Do Heo
2020-01 Non-invasive optical control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in awake mice Kim S.Taeyoon KyungChung J.-H.Nury KimSehoon KeumLee J.Park H.Ho Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do HeoTaeyoon KyungNury KimSehoon KeumHo Min KimSangkyu LeeHee-Sup ShinWon Do Heo
2019-12 Locally Activating TrkB Receptor Generates Actin Waves and Specifies Axonal Fate Doyeon WooYeji SeoHyunjin JungSungsoo KimNury KimSang-Min ParkHeeyoung LeeSangkyu LeeKwang-Hyun ChoWon Do HeoDoyeon WooNury KimHeeyoung LeeSangkyu LeeWon Do Heo
2019-11 Monitoring LC3-or GABARAP-positive autophagic membranes using modified RavZ-based probes Park, SWJeon, PJun, YWPark, JHLee, SHSangkyu LeeLee, JAJang, DJSangkyu Lee
2019-01 Intensiometric biosensors visualize the activity of multiple small GTPases in vivo Kim J.Sangkyu LeeJung K.Oh W.C.Nury KimSon S.Jo Y.J.Kwon H.-B.Won Do HeoSangkyu LeeNury KimWon Do Heo
2017-06 Optogenetic protein clustering through fluorescent protein tagging and extension of CRY2 Hyerim ParkNa Yeon KimSangkyu LeeNury KimJihoon KimWon Do HeoSangkyu LeeNury KimWon Do Heo
2016-06 Optogenetic oligomerization of Rab GTPases regulates intracellular membrane trafficking Mai Khanh NguyenCha Yeon KimJin Man KimByung Ouk ParkSangkyu LeeHyerim ParkWon Do HeoByung Ouk ParkSangkyu LeeWon Do Heo
2015-10 Optogenetic control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in vivo Taeyoon KyungSangkyu LeeJung Eun KimTaesup ChoHyerim ParkYun-Mi JeongDongkyu KimAnna ShinSungsoo KimJinhee BaekJihoon KimNa Yeon KimDoyeon WooSujin ChaeCheol-Hee KimHee-Sup ShinYong-Mahn HanDaesoo KimWon Do HeoSangkyu LeeTaesup ChoJinhee BaekHee-Sup ShinWon Do Heo
2014-06 Reversible protein inactivation by optogenetic trapping in cells Sangkyu LeeHyerim ParkTaeyoon KyungNa Yeon KimSungsoo KimJihoon KimWon Do HeoSangkyu LeeWon Do Heo
2014-06 Light-inducible receptor tyrosine kinases that regulate neurotrophin signalling Ki-Young ChangDoyeon WooHyunjin JungSangkyu LeeSungsoo KimJoungha WonTaeyoon KyungHyerim ParkNury KimHee Won YangJae-Yong ParkEun Mi HwangDaesoo KimWon Do HeoKi-Young ChangSangkyu LeeNury KimWon Do Heo