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Seo, Min Seok

순수물리이론 연구단
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입자이론 및 우주론 그룹

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2018-02 Consistency relations in multi-field inflation Jinn-Ouk GongMin-Seok SeoMin-Seok Seo
2017-11 Large gauge transformations and little group for soft photons Yuta HamadaMin-Seok SeoGary Shiu
2017-07 Memory in de Sitter space and Bondi-Metzner-Sachs-like supertranslations Yuta HamadaMin-Seok SeoGary Shiu
2017-04 Gauge see-saw: A mechanism for a light gauge boson Hye-Sung LeeMin-Seok Seo
2017-04 Cosmic abundances of SIMP dark matter Soo-Min ChoiHyun Min LeeMin-Seok SeoMin-Seok Seo
2016-10 Investigating the jet activity accompanying the production at the LHC of a massive scalar particle decaying into photons Fuks B.Kang D.W.Park S.C.Min-Seok Seo
2016-07 Path integral for multi-field inflation Gong J.-O.Min-Seok SeoShiu G.Min-Seok Seo
2015-09 Communication with SIMP dark mesons via Z'-portal Hyun Min LeeMin-Seok Seo
2015-05 Peccei-Quinn invariant singlet extended SUSY with anomalous U(1) gauge symmetry Sang Hui ImMin-Seok SeoSang Hui ImMin-Seok Seo
2015-03 Higher derivatives and power spectrum in effective single field inflation Jinn-Ouk GongMin-Seok SeoSpyros SypsasMin-Seok Seo
2014-07 String theoretic QCD axions in the light of PLANCK and BICEP2 Kiwoon ChoiKwang Sik JeongMin-Seok SeoKiwoon ChoiMin-Seok Seo