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Choi, Kiwoon

순수물리이론 연구단

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-02 Gamma-ray spectral modulations induced by photon-ALP-dark photon oscillations Kiwoon ChoiSangjun LeeHyeonseok SeongSeokhoon YunKiwoon ChoiSangjun Lee
2019-12 Axion scales and couplings with Stückelberg mixing Kiwoon ChoiChang Sub ShinSeokhoon YunKiwoon ChoiChang Sub Shin
2019-11 Light Higgs bosons in the general NMSSM Kiwoon ChoiIm, SHJeong, KSChan Beom ParkKiwoon ChoiChan Beom Park
2018-07 Late-Time Magnetogenesis Driven by Axionlike Particle Dark Matter and a Dark Photon Kiwoon ChoiHyungjin KimToyokazu SekiguchiKiwoon Choi
2018-07 General continuum clockwork Kiwoon ChoiSang Hui ImChang Sub ShinKiwoon ChoiChang Sub Shin
2017-04 Dynamics of the cosmological relaxation after reheating Kiwoon ChoiHyungjin KimToyokazu Sekiguchi
2017-11 Minimal flavor violation with axion-like particles Kiwoon ChoiSang Hui ImChan Beom ParkSeokhoon YunKiwoon ChoiSeokhoon Yun
2016-12 Constraints on relaxion windows Kiwoon ChoiSang Hui Im
2016-09 750 GeV diphoton resonance and electric dipole moments Kiwoon ChoiSang Hui ImHyungjin KimDoh Young Mo
2016-08 Aligned natural inflation with modulations Kiwoon ChoiHyungjin Kim
2015-11 Diluting the inflationary axion fluctuation by a stronger QCD in the early Universe Kiwoon ChoiEung Jin ChunSang Hui ImKwang Sik Jeong
2015-10 Primordial perturbations from dilaton-induced gauge fields Kiwoon ChoiChoi, K.-Y.Kim, H.Shin, C.S.Kiwoon Choi
2014-07 Natural inflation with multiple sub-Planckian axionsHighly Cited Paper Kiwoon ChoiHyungjin KimSeokhoon Yun
2014-07 String theoretic QCD axions in the light of PLANCK and BICEP2 Kiwoon ChoiKwang Sik JeongMin-Seok SeoKiwoon ChoiMin-Seok Seo