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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2015-01 MiR-155 augments CD8+ T-cell antitumor activity in lymphoreplete hosts by enhancing responsiveness to homeostatic γc cytokines Ji Y.Wrzesinski C.Yu Z.Hu J.Gautam S.Hawk N.V.Telford W.G.Palmer D.C.Franco Z.Sukumar M.Roychoudhuri R.Clever D.Klebanoff C.A.Charles D. SurhWaldmann T.A.Restifo N.P.Gattinoni L.Charles D. Surh
2014-10 Clearance of persistent HPV infection and cervical lesion by therapeutic DNA vaccine in CIN3 patients Kim, TJJin, HTHur, SYYang, HGSeo, YBHong, SRLee, CWKim, SWoo, JWPark, KSHwang, YYPark, JLee, IHLim, KTLee, KHJeong, MSCharles D. SurhSuh, YSPark, JSSung, YC
2014-07 Blowing on embers: commensal microbiota and our immune system Darina S. SpasovaCharles D. SurhCharles D. Surh
2014-03 Self-gratification yields not-so-naïve T cells Christopher E MartinCharles D. SurhCharles D. Surh
2013-12 Unique Features of Naive CD8+ T Cell Activation by IL-2 Jae Ho ChoHee-Ok KimKyu-Sik KimDeok-Hwan YangCharles D. SurhJonathan SprentJae Ho ChoCharles D. SurhJonathan Sprent
2013-05 IL-7/anti-IL-7 mAb complexes augment cytokine potency in mice through association with IgG-Fc and by competition with IL-7R. Christopher E. MartinEster M. M. van LeeuwenSe Jin ImDerry C. RoopenianYoung-Chul SungCharles D. SurhCharles D. Surh
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