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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2020-02 Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Poly-Pseudorotaxanes into Artificial Microtubules Hwang, WJejoong YooIn-Chul HwangLee, JYoung Ho KoHyun Woo KimKim, YLee, YMoon Young HurKyeng Min ParkSeo, JKangkyun BaekKimoon KimJejoong YooIn-Chul HwangYoung Ho KoHyun Woo KimMoon Young HurKyeng Min ParkKangkyun BaekKimoon Kim
2019-11 Bio-orthogonal Supramolecular Latching inside Live Animals and Its Application for in Vivo Cancer Imaging Meng LiKim S.Lee A.Annadka ShrinidhiYoung Ho KoLim H.G.Kim H.H.Bae K.B.Kyeng Min ParkKimoon KimMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiYoung Ho KoLim H.G.Kyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2019-11 Superacid-Mediated Functionalization of Hydroxylated Cucurbit[ n]urils Suman Kr GhoshAvinash DhamijaYoung Ho KoAn J.Moon Young HurDeepak Ramdas BorasteSeo J.Eunsung LeeKyeng Min ParkKimoon KimSuman Kr GhoshAvinash DhamijaYoung Ho KoMoon Young HurDeepak Ramdas BorasteEunsung LeeKyeng Min ParkKimoon Kim
2018-11 Rational Design and Construction of Hierarchical Superstructures Using Shape-Persistent Organic Cages: Porphyrin Box-Based Metallosupramolecular Assemblies Younghoon KimJaehyoung KooIn-Chul HwangRahul Dev MukhopadhyaySoonsang HongJejoong YooAjaz Ahmad DarIkjin KimDohyun MoonTae Joo ShinYoung Ho KoKimoon KimYounghoon KimIn-Chul HwangRahul Dev MukhopadhyaySoonsang HongJejoong YooAjaz Ahmad DarYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2018-03 Mono-allyloxylated Cucurbit[7]uril Acts as an Unconventional Amphiphile To Form Light-Responsive Vesicles Kyeng Min ParkKangkyun BaekYoung Ho KoAnnadka ShrinidhiJames MurrayJang, WHKim, KHLee, JSJejoong YooKim, SKimoon KimKyeng Min ParkKangkyun BaekYoung Ho KoAnnadka ShrinidhiJames MurrayJejoong YooKimoon Kim
2018-01 Dye-Cucurbit[n]uril complexes as sensor elements for reliable pattern recognition of biogenic polyamines Kyeng Min ParkKim J.Young Ho KoAhn Y.James MurrayMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiKimoon KimKyeng Min ParkYoung Ho KoJames MurrayMeng LiAnnadka ShrinidhiKimoon Kim
2017-07 Nanoscale Control of Amyloid Self-Assembly Using Protein Phase Transfer by Host-Guest Chemistry Tae Su ChoiHong Hee LeeYoung Ho KoKwang Seob JeongKimoon KimHugh I. Kim
2017-10 Point-of-Use Detection of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants with Host-Molecule-Functionalized Organic Transistors Yoonjung JangMoonjeong JangHyoeun KimSang Jin LeeEunyeong JinJin Young KooIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangJoon Hak OhKimoon KimYoonjung JangIn-Chul HwangYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2017-08 Ferrocene and ferrocenium inclusion compounds with cucurbiturils: A study of metal atom dynamics probed by Mössbauer spectroscopy Clara I. R. Magalha˜esAna C. GomesAndre´ D. LopesIsabel S. GonçalvesMartyn PillingerEunyoung JinIkjin KimYoung Ho KoKimoon KimIsrael NowikRolfe H. HerberYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2017-03 An n-heterocyclic-carbene-tetracyanoethylene zwitterion: Experimental and theoretical study on its formation and reactivity Hayoung SongYoungsuk KimJunbeom Park.Ko Y.H.Kim K.Lee E.Hayoung SongKo Y.H.Kim K.Lee E.
2015-11 Porphyrin Boxes: Rationally Designed Porous Organic Cages Soonsang HongMd. Rumum RohmanJiangtao JiaYoungkook KimMoon, D.Yonghwi KimYoung Ho KoEunsung LeeKimoon KimSoonsang HongMd. Rumum RohmanJiangtao JiaYonghwi KimYoung Ho KoEunsung LeeKimoon Kim
2015-07 High Affinity Host-Guest FRET Pair for Single-Vesicle Content-Mixing Assay: Observation of Flickering Fusion Events Bokyoung GongChoi B.-K.Kim J.-Y.Dinesh ShettyYoung Ho KoNarayanan SelvapalamNam Ki LeeKimoon KimBokyoung GongDinesh ShettyYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2015-04 Deciphering the Specific High-Affinity Binding of Cucurbit[7]uril to Amino Acids in Water Lee J.W.Lee H.H.L.Young Ho KoKimoon KimHigh I. KimYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2015-02 Reversible morphological transformation between polymer nanocapsules and thin films through dynamic covalent self-assembly Jeehong KimKangkyun BaekDinesh ShettyNarayanan SelvapalamGyeongwon YunNam Hoon KimYoung Ho KoKyeng Min ParkIlha HwangKimoon KimJeehong KimKangkyun BaekDinesh ShettyGyeongwon YunNam Hoon KimYoung Ho KoKyeng Min ParkIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2015-01 Molecular pop-up toy: A molecular machine based on folding/unfolding motion of alkyl chains bound to a host Young Ho KoIlha HwangKim H.Kim Y.Kimoon KimYoung Ho KoIlha HwangKimoon Kim
2014-09 Binding of alpha,omega-alkyldiammonium ions by cucurbit[n]urils in the gas phase Yang, FJones, CASelvapalam, NYoung Ho KoKi Moon KimDearden, DVYoung Ho KoKi Moon Kim
2014-07 Supramolecular Inhibition of Amyloid Fibrillation by Cucurbit[7]uril Hong Hee LeeTae Su ChoiShin Jung C. LeeJong Wha LeeJunghong ParkYong Ho KoWon Jong KimKimoon KimHugh I. KimJunghong ParkYong Ho KoWon Jong KimKimoon Kim
2014-02 Hollow nanotubular toroidal polymer microrings Jiyeong LeeKangkyun BaekKim M.Gyeongwon YunYong Ho KoLee N.-S.Ilha HwangJeehong KimNatarajan R.Park C.G.Sung W.Ki Moon KimJiyeong LeeKangkyun BaekGyeongwon YunYong Ho KoIlha HwangKi Moon Kim
2014-01 Cucurbit[7]uril: A high-affinity host for encapsulation of amino saccharides and supramolecular stabilization of their α-anomers in water Yoonjung JangNatarajan R.Young Ho KoKimoon KimYoonjung JangYoung Ho KoKimoon Kim
2013-07 Host-Guest Chemistry from Solution to the Gas Phase: An Essential Role of Direct Interaction with Water for High-Affinity Binding of Cucurbit[n]urils Shin Jung C. LeeLee, Jong WhaLee, Hong HeeSeo, JongcheolNoh, Dong HunYoung Ho KoKi Moon KimHugh I. KimYoung Ho KoKi Moon Kim
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