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Hegelich, Bjorn Manuel

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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-08 Electron energy increase in a laser wakefield accelerator using up-ramp plasma density profiles Constantin AniculaeseiVishwa Bandhu PathakHyung Taek KimKyung Hwan OhByung Ju YooBrunetti, EYong Ha JangCalin I oan HojbotaJung Hun ShinJong Ho JeonSeongha ChoMyung Hoon ChoJae Hee SungSeong Ku LeeBjörn Manuel HegelichChang Hee NamConstantin AniculaeseiVishwa Bandhu PathakHyung Taek KimKyung Hwan OhByung Ju YooJong Ho JeonSeongha ChoMyung Hoon ChoBjörn Manuel HegelichChang Hee Nam
2019-06 Beam distortion effects upon focusing an ultrashort petawatt laser pulse to greater than 1022 W/cm2 Tiwari G.Gaul E.Martinez M.Dyer G.Gordon J.Spinks M.Toncian T.Bowers B.Jiao X.Kupfer R.Lisi L.McCary E.Roycroft R.Yandow A.Glenn G.D.Donovan M.Ditmire T.Hegelich B.M.Hegelich B.M.
2019-06 Plasma emission characteristics in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of silicon with mid-infrared, multi-millijoule, nanosecond laser pulses from a Ho:YLF excitation source ROTEM KUPFERHERNAN J. QUEVEDOHERBIE L. SMITHTHANH N. HAANDREW YANDOWGANESH TIWARIC. GRANT RICHMONDLI FANGB. MANUEL HEGELICHB. MANUEL HEGELICH
2019-05 En-route to the fission-fusion reaction mechanism: a status update on laser-driven heavy ion acceleration Lindner, FHMcCary, EJiao, XOstermayr, TMRoycroft, RTiwari, GHegelich, BMSchreiber, JThirolf, PGHegelich, BM
2019-03 Improved large-energy-range magnetic electron-positron spectrometer for experiments with the Texas Petawatt Laser G.D. GlennG. TiwariG. DyerC.B. CurryM.E. DonovanE. GaulM. GauthierS.H. GlenzerJ. GordonHegelich B.M.M. MartinezE. McCaryM. SpinksT. DitmireHegelich B.M.
2018-12 Cascade random-quasi-phase-matched harmonic generation in polycrystalline ZnSe Kupfer, RQuevedo, HJSmith, HLLisi, LATiwari, GRichmond, CGBowers, BBFang, LHegelich, BMHegelich, BM