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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-12 Neurovascular coupling under chronic stress is modified by altered GABAergic interneuron activity Kayoung HanJiwoong MinMyunghee LeeBok-Man KangTaeyoung ParkJunghyun HahnJaeseung YeiJuheon LeeJunsung WooC. Justin LeeSeong-Gi KimMinah SuhKayoung HanC. Justin LeeSeong-Gi Kim
2019-10 Ultrasonic Neuromodulation via Astrocytic TRPA1 Soo-Jin OhJung Moo LeeHyun-Bum KimJungpyo LeeSungmin HanJin Young BaeGyu-Sang HongWuhyun KohJea KwonEun-Sang HwangDong Ho WooInchan YounIl-Joo ChoYong Chul BaeSungon LeeJae Wan ShimJi-Ho ParkC. Justin LeeJung Moo LeeWuhyun KohJea KwonC. Justin Lee
2019-10 3-Carene, a Phytoncide from Pine Tree Has a Sleep-enhancing Effect by Targeting the GABA(A)-benzodiazepine Receptors Woo, JYang, HYoon, MGadhe, CGPae, ANCho, SC. Justin LeeC. Justin Lee
2019-07 Activation of Astrocytic μ-Opioid Receptor Causes Conditioned Place Preference Min-Ho NamKyung-Seok HanJaekwang LeeWoojin WonWuhyun KohJin Young BaeJunsung WooJayoung KimElliot KwongTae-Yong ChoiHeejung ChunSeung Eun LeeSang-Bum KimKi Duk ParkSe-Young ChoiYong Chul BaeC. Justin LeeWoojin WonWuhyun KohHeejung ChunC. Justin Lee
2019-04 Tweety-homolog (Ttyh) Family Encodes the Pore-forming Subunits of the Swelling-dependent Volume-regulated Anion Channel (VRAC(swell)) in the Brain Young-Eun HanJea KwonJoungha WonHeeyoung AnMinwoo Wendy JangWoo, JLee, JSMin Gu ParkYoon, BELee, SEHwang, EMJung, JYPark, HOh, SJC. Justin LeeYoung-Eun HanJea KwonC. Justin Lee
2019-03 Newly developed reversible MAO-B inhibitor circumvents the shortcomings of irreversible inhibitors in Alzheimer’s disease Park J.-H.Ju Y.H.Choi J.W.Song H.J.Jang B.K.Woo J.Chun H.Kim H.J.Shin S.J.Yarishkin O.Jo S.Park M.Yeon S.K.Kim S.Kim J.Nam M.-H.Londhe A.M.Kim J.Cho S.J.Cho S.Lee C.Hwang S.Y.Kim S.W.Oh S.-J.Cho J.Pae A.N.Justin Lee C.Park K.D.Justin Lee C.
2019-02 Pharmacological Dissection of Intrinsic Optical Signal Reveals a Functional Coupling between Synaptic Activity and Astrocytic Volume Transient Woo, JHan, YEWuhyun KohJoungha WonMin Gu ParkHeeyoung AnC. Justin LeeWuhyun KohJoungha WonC. Justin Lee
2018-12 Astrocyte Specificity and Coverage of hGFAP-CreERT2 [Tg(GFAP-Cre/ERT2)13Kdmc] Mouse Line in Various Brain Regions Yongmin Mason ParkHeejung ChunJeong-Im ShinC. Justin LeeYongmin Mason ParkHeejung ChunC. Justin Lee
2018-10 Yin-and-yang bifurcation of opioidergic circuits for descending analgesia at the midbrain of the mouse Jong-Hyun KimGireesh GangadharanJunweon ByunEui-Ju ChoiC. Justion LeeHee-Sup ShinJong-Hyun KimGireesh GangadharanC. Justion LeeHee-Sup Shin
2016-12 The Ca2+ -activated chloride channel anoctamin-2 mediates spike-frequency adaptation and regulates sensory transmission in thalamocortical neurons Go Eun HaJaekwang LeeHankyul KwakKiyeong SongJea KwonSoon-Young JungJoohyeon HongGyeong-Eon ChangEun Mi HwangHee-Sup ShinC. Justin LeeEunji CheongHee-Sup ShinC. Justin Lee
2014-08 Rebound burst firing in the reticular thalamus is not essential for pharmacological absence seizures in mice Seung Eun LeeJaekwang LeeCharles LatchoumaneBo Yong LeeSoo-Jin OhZahangir Alam SaudCheongdahm ParkNing SunEunji CheongChien-Chang ChenEui-Ju ChoiC. Justin LeeHee Sup ShinSeung Eun LeeCharles LatchoumaneBo Yong LeeC. Justin LeeHee Sup Shin