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Publication Date Title Author(s)
2019-08 Bifidobacterium bifidum presents on the cell surface a complex mixture of glucans and galactans with different immunological properties Immacolata SpecialeRavi VermaFlaviana Di LorenzoAntonio MolinaroSin-Hyeog ImCristina De CastroRavi VermaSin-Hyeog Im
2018-11 Inflammation-induced Id2 promotes plasticity in regulatory T cells Sung-Min HwangGarima SharmaRavi VermaSeohyun ByunDipayan RudraSin-Hyeog ImSung-Min HwangRavi VermaDipayan RudraSin-Hyeog Im
2018-10 Cell surface polysaccharides of Bifidobacterium bifidum induce the generation of Foxp3(+) regulatory T cells Ravi VermaChanghon LeeEun-Ji JeunJaeu YiKwang Soon KimAmbarnil GhoshSeohyun ByunChoong-Gu LeeHye-Ji KangGi-Cheon KimChang-Duk JunGwenaël JanChang-Hee SuhJu-Yang JungJonathan SprentDipayan RudraCristina De CastroAntonio MolinaroCharles D. SurhSin-Hyeog ImRavi VermaKwang Soon KimAmbarnil GhoshChoong-Gu LeeHye-Ji KangGi-Cheon KimDipayan RudraCharles D. SurhSin-Hyeog Im
2018-03 Locus-Specific Reversible DNA Methylation Regulates Transient IL-10 Expression in Th1 Cells Won HwangChoong-Gu LeeChanghon LeeRavi VermaDipayan RudraPark ZYSin Hyeog ImWon HwangChoong-Gu LeeChanghon LeeRavi VermaDipayan RudraSin Hyeog Im
2017-11 NFAT1 regulates systemic autoimmunity through the modulation of a dendritic cell property Chang-Suk ChaeGi-Cheon KimEun Sil ParkChoong-Gu LeeRavi VermaHagg-Lim ChoChang-Duk JunYung Joon YooSin-Hyeog ImChang-Suk ChaeGi-Cheon KimChoong-Gu LeeRavi VermaSin-Hyeog Im