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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Background model for the NaI(Tl) crystals in COSINE-100Adhikari P.; Adhikari G.; Souza E.B., et al
2018-01Characterization of an Ionization Readout Tile for nEXOJewell, M; Schubert, A; Cen, WR, et al
2019-10Characterization of the Hamamatsu VUV4 MPPCs for nEXOGallina G.; Giampa P.; Retiere F., et al
2020-02Compact phonon-scintillation detection system for rare event searches at low temperaturesH.L. Kim; J.A. Jeon; I. Kim, et al
2019-11Comparison between DAMA/LIBRA and COSINE-100 in the light of quenching factorsYoung Ju Ko; Adhikari, G; Adhikari, P, et al
2016-12Comparison of fast neutron rates for the NEOS experimentKo, YJ; Jang, CH; Siyeon, K, et al
2019-12Constraint on the solar Δm2 using 4000 days of short baseline reactor neutrino data constraint on the solar Δm2 using ... Hernandez Cabezudo, Parke, and SEOHernandez Cabezudo A.; Parke S.J.; Seon-Hee Seo
2019-02Constraints on the solar Δm2 using Daya Bay and RENO dataSeon-Hee Seo; Parke S.J.
2019-06COSINE-100 and DAMA/LIBRA-phase2 in WIMP effective modelsAdhikari, G; Adhikari, P; de Souza, EB, et al
2016-04Cosmogenic Backgrounds to 0νββ in EXO-200J.B. Albert; D.S. Leonard; Auty, DJ, et al
2019-04Critical temperature switch development for metallic magnetic calorimetersS R Kim; J A Jeon; I Kim, et al
2018-02Cryogenic Heat-Light Detection System for 1-cm3 Scintillating CrystalsHyelim Kim; Geon Bo Kim; H. J. Kim, et al
2019-04Crystal growth, optical and luminescence properties of Na6Mo11O36 single crystalPandey I.R.; Karki S.; Kim H.J., et al
2020-04Czochralski growth, electronic structure, luminescence and scintillation properties of Cs2Mo3O10: A new scintillation crystal for 0νββ decay searchKhan A.; Daniel D.J.; Tyagi M., et al
2015-07Dark matter directionality revisited with a high pressure xenon gas detectorMohlabeng G.; Kong K.; Jin Li, et al
2018-08Deep neural networks for energy and position reconstruction in EXO-200Delaquis, S; Jewell, MJ; Ostrovskiy, I, et al
2017-03Detectability of galactic supernova neutrinos coherently scattered on xenon nuclei in XMASSK. Abe; K. Hiraide; K. Ichimura, et al
2017-08Detecting Dark Photons with Reactor Neutrino ExperimentsH.K. Park
2016-04Detection of Antineutrinos for Reactor MonitoringYeongduk Kim
2018-01Determination of Mo- and Ca-isotope ratios in (CaMoO4)-Mo-100 crystal for AMoRE-I experimentKarki, S; Aryal, P; Kim, HJ, et al
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