Center for Genomic Integrity(유전체 항상성 연구단)205

Center for Genomic Integrity유전체 항상성 연구단

DNA is the building block for the genome and provides the blueprint for almost every aspect of life. DNA can be damaged by endogenous assaults such as replication errors, oxidative stress or by exogenous challenges such as radiation or toxic chemicals. Failure to repair such damage results in cell death or the accumulation of changes in DNA that can cause genetic diseases including cancers or can lead to premature aging.
Research at the IBS Center for Genomic Integrity is concerned with the many DNA damage response and repair pathways that can sense and repair damaged DNA and signal to cells that there is an urgent problem to be addressed. We also study the link of these pathways to other parts of cellular metabolism, including DNA replication, cell cycle regulation or transcription.
Our research spans many disciplines and techniques, including molecular, cell, chemical and structural biology, genetics, biochemistry and the use of animal models. Finally, we are interested in leveraging our research to develop small molecule modulators of DNA repair pathways as probes and to exploit vulnerabilities of tumors in therapeutic settings.


Center for Genomic Integrity(유전체 항상성 연구단)

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