Journal Papers (저널논문)160

Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Imaging genotyping of functional signaling pathways in lung squamous cell carcinoma using a radiomics approachBak S.H.; Hyunjin Park; Lee H.Y., et al
2017-08Nature-Inspired Construction of Two-Dimensionally Self-Assembled Peptide on Pristine GrapheneNo, YH; Kim, NH; Gnapareddy, B, et al
2017-09Neural Activity Patterns in the Human Brain Reflect Tactile Stickiness PerceptionJunsuk Kim; Jiwon Yeon; Jaekyun Ryu, et al
2017-09Three-dimensional continuous max flow optimization-based serous retinal detachment segmentation in SD-OCT for central serous chorioretinopathyWu M.; Fan W.; Chen Q., et al
2017-09Effective Assembly of Nano-Ceramic Materials for High and Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in a Polymer CompositeHaeleen Hong; Jong Uk Kim; Tae-il Kim
2017-09Magnetic resonance electrical properties tomography for small anomalies using boundary conditions: A simulation studyJoonsung Lee; Narae Choi; Jin Keun Seo, et al
2017-09Insertable NO/CO Microsensors Recording Gaseous Vasomodulators Reflecting Differential Neuronal Activation Level with Respect to Seizure FocusYejin Ha; Youngmi Lee; Minah Suh
2017-10High-Precision Temperature-Controllable Metal-Coated Polymeric Molds for Programmable, Hierarchical PatterningKwang Su Kim; Jong Uk Kim; Sori Lee, et al
2017-11Flow-suppressed hyperpolarized 13C chemical shift imaging using velocity-optimized bipolar gradient in mouse liver tumors at 9.4 THansol Lee; Joonsung Lee; Eunhae Joe, et al
2017-10Surface energy-tunable iso decyl acrylate based molds for low pressure-nanoimprint lithographyHyowon Tak; Dongha Tahk; Chanho Jeong, et al
2017-11Flexible and Stable Value Coding Areas in Caudate Head and Tail Receive Anatomically Distinct Cortical and Subcortical InputsGriggs, WS; Hyoung F. Kim; Ghazizadeh, A, et al
2017-12Inter-vender and test-retest reliabilities of resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging: Implications for multi-center imaging studiesAn, HS; Moon, WJ; Jae-Kyun Ryu, et al
2017-12Cellular Behavior Controlled by Bio-Inspired and Geometry-Tunable NanohairsChaejeong Heo; Chanho Jeong; Hyeon Seong Im, et al
2017-07Distortion correction in diffusion-weighted imaging of the breast: Performance assessment of prospective, retrospective, and combined (prospective plus retrospective) approachesIleana Hancu; Seung-Kyun Lee; Keith Hulsey, et al
2017-08Neuroimaging biomarkers to associate obesity and negative emotionsBo-yong Park; Jisu Hong; Hyunjin Park
2017-08Thermo-sensitive assembly of the biomaterial REP reduces hematoma volume following collagenase-induced intracerebral hemorrhage in ratsPark J.; Kim J.Y.; Choi S.-K., et al
2017-08Adaptive Encoding of Outcome Prediction by Prefrontal Cortex Ensembles Supports Behavioral FlexibilityDel Arco, A; Park, J; Wood, J, et al
2017-08Enhancing sensitivity of pH-weighted MRI with combination of amide and guanidyl CESTTao Jin; Ping Wang; T. Kevin Hitchens, et al
2017-08Occipital, parietal, and frontal cortices selectively maintain task-relevant features of multi-feature objects in visual working memoryQing Yu; Won Mok Shim
2017-06Phase imaging with multiple phase-cycled balanced steady-state free precession at 9.4TJae-Woong Kim; Seong-Gi Kim; Sung-Hong Park
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