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Data Science Group데이터 사이언스 그룹
Data science is a new paradigm to analyze large-scale data produced from social systems, natural phenomena, and experiments. Data science shows great potentials on various fields of study. The data science group at the Pioneer Research Center for Mathematical and Computational Sciences focuses on problems in computational social science, which can have a huge impact for future societies. In particular, we will contribute to developing state-of-the-art methodologies for handling large-scale, heterogeneous data via deep learning and AI. We will strive to advance the data science research field via developing new ways of computing that goes beyond the limits of current machine learning and deep learning. Through research, we expect to provide a better understanding of the complex human-socio systems by suggesting qualitative data analysis methods to interpret large scale heterogeneous data. Furthermore, the development of new methodologies will contribute on tackling social issues for the future society such as fake news, filter bubble, and insomnia by building and applying AI-driven data science methodologies.

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Data Science Group(데이터 사이언스 그룹)

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