Center for Nanomedicine (나노의학 연구단)299

Center for Nanomedicine 나노의학 연구단

In 2015, Director Jinwoo Cheon launched IBS Center for NanoMedicine(CNM) as a global hub for nanomedicine research. With an interdisciplinary approach to chemistry, physics, bioengineering, materials science and medicine, IBS CNM hopes to create new scientific fields with convergence of nanotechnology and biological systems, ultimately leading the developnment of nano biomedical engineering (Nano BME). Through its research programs and global outreach, IBS CNM will foster scientific leaders to initiate new opportunities in medicine for national and global economic competitiveness.
Nanoscience provides useful concepts and technologies that increase our fundamental understanding of biomedical systems. Our research advances are accomplished through three main research groups: nanobio interface science, evolutionary nanomaterials & nanodevices, and precision nanomedicine. The concept of merging different scientific fields allows our researchers to pursue the highest quality research projects. By capitalizing on merging various theories and technologies, IBS CNM will develop nanomaterials with ultimate precision and accuracy.
Pioneering research requires state-of-the-art facilities. To make this possible, the IBS Hall is designed by Gansam Architects & Partners, with key building concepts from Director Jinwoo Cheon and scientific comments from the IBS CNM researchers. Their combined vision led to a design well considered to support team science, to promote new scientific discoveries, and to maximize shared resources and space. Its research laboratories with advanced instrumentation and communal discussion spaces facilitate interdisciplinary scientific exploration. The construction of the IBS Hall was completed in February 2018. Located on Yonsei University Sinchon Campus in Seoul, the IBS Hall sits amid a unique cluster of both traditional and advanced science and engineering buildings next to the world class Severance Hospital.


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