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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-0221 cm angular power spectrum from minihalos as a probe of primordial spectral runningsToyokazu Sekiguchi; Tomo Takahashi; Hiroyuki Tashiro, et al
2016-04750 GeV diphoton excess may not imply a 750 GeV resonanceWon Sang Cho; Kim D.; Kong K., et al
2016-09750 GeV diphoton resonance and electric dipole momentsKiwoon Choi; Sang Hui Im; Hyungjin Kim, et al
2016-09750 GeV diphoton resonance in a vector-like extension of Hill model at a 100 TeV hadron colliderLiu N.; Wang W.; Mengchao Zhang, et al
2017-05A hybrid setup for fundamental unknowns in neutrino oscillations using T2HK (ν) and μ-DAR (ν¯)Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla; Monojit Ghosh; Sushant K. Raut
2017-05A map of the non-thermal WIMPHyungjin Kim; Jeong-Pyong Hong; Chang Sub Shin
2016-10A model for pseudo-Dirac neutrinos: leptogenesis and ultra-high energy neutrinosAhn Y.H.; Kang S.K.; Kim C.S.
2017-02A new approach to non-Abelian hydrodynamicsJose J. Fernandez-Melgarejo; Soo-Jong Rey; Piotr Surowka
2018-08A note on circle compactification of tensile ambitwistor stringKanghoon Lee; J.A. Rosabal
2016-12A note on vectorial AdS(5)/CFT4 duality for spin-j boundary theoryJin-Beom Bae; Euihun Joung; Shailesh Lal
2017-11A String Theory Which Isn't About StringsKanghoon Lee; Soo-Jong Rey; J.A. Rosabal
2017-02A systematic effective operator analysis of semi-annihilating dark matterYi Cai; Andrew Spray
2017-11A viable D-term hybrid inflation modelKenji Kadota; Tatsuo Kobayashi; Keigo Sumita
2019-03Accelerating the BSM interpretation of LHC data with machine learningGianfranco Bertone; Marc Peter Deisenroth; Jong Soo Kim, et al
2018-05Addendum: Area law violations and quantum phase transitions in modified Motzkin walk spin chainsFumihiko Sugino; Pramod Padmanabhan
2020-02Adiabatic electroweak baryogenesis driven by an axionlike particleKwang Sik Jeong; Tae Hyun Jung; Chang Sub Shin
2017-02Affleck-Dine leptogenesis with varying Peccei-Quinn scaleKyu Jung Bae; Howard Baer; Koichi Hamaguchi, et al
2016-08Aligned natural inflation with modulationsKiwoon Choi; Hyungjin Kim
2019-06An x-ray spectroscopic search for dark matter and unidentified line signatures in the perseus cluster with hitomiTakayuki TAMURA; Andrew C. FABIAN; Poshak GANDHI, et al
2016-09Apparent unitarity violation in high mass region of MbW from a “hidden” top partner at high energy collidersHan C.; Nojiri M.M.; Myeonghun Park
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