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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Cosmologically probing ultra-light particle dark matter using 21 cm signalsKenji Kadota; Yi Mao; Kiyomoto Ichiki, et al
2014-07String theoretic QCD axions in the light of PLANCK and BICEP2Kiwoon Choi; Kwang Sik Jeong; Min-Seok Seo
2014-08The influence of primordial magnetic fields on the spherical collapse model in cosmologyY. Shibusawa; K. Ichiki; K. Kadota
2014-10The Effects of dark matter-baryon scattering on redshifted 21 cm signalsTashiro, H; Kenji Kadota; Silk, J
2014-11Higgs Mixing in the NMSSM and Light HiggsinosKwang Sik Jeong; Yutaro Shoji; Masahiro Yamaguchi
2014-07Higgs partner searches and dark matter phynomenology in a classically scale invariant Higgs boson sectorArsham Farzinnia; Ren, J
2014-07Natural inflation with multiple sub-Planckian axionsHighly Cited PaperKiwoon Choi; Hyungjin Kim; Seokhoon Yun
2014-07LHC constraints on a Higgs boson partner from an extended color sectorChivukula, RS; Arsham Farzinnia; Simmons, EH, et al
2014-10Strongly first-order electroweak phase transition and classical scale invarianceArsham Farzinnia; Ren, J
2015-03CMB probes on the correlated axion isocurvature perturbationKenji Kadota; Jinn-Ouk Gong; Kiyotomo Ichiki, et al
2015-03Higher derivatives and power spectrum in effective single field inflationJinn-Ouk Gong; Min-Seok Seo; Spyros Sypsas
2015-04Boosted event topologies from TeV scale light quark composite partnersMihailo Backovi; Thomas Flacke; Jeong Han Kim, et al
2015-05Improving the sensitivity of stop searches with on-shell constrained invariant mass variablesWon Sang Cho; Gainer J.S.; Kim D., et al
2015-05Peccei-Quinn invariant singlet extended SUSY with anomalous U(1) gauge symmetrySang Hui Im; Min-Seok Seo
2015-06Probing New Physics with q^2 distributions in B -> D^{(*)} tau nuYasuhito Sakaki; Minoru Tanaka; Andrey Tayduganov, et al
2015-10Gravitational waves from domain walls in the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard modelKenji Kadota; Kawasaki, M.; Saikawa, K.
2015-10Primordial perturbations from dilaton-induced gauge fieldsKiwoon Choi; Choi, K.-Y.; Kim, H., et al
2015-10The CKM matrix from anti-SU(7) unification of GUT familiesJihn E. Kim; Doh Young Mo; Min-Seok Seo
2015-02Explaining the Lepton Non-universality at the LHCb and CMS within a unified frameworkSanjoy Biswas; Debtosh Chowdhury; Sangeun Han, et al
2015-02Lepton flavor violation in the supersymmetric seesaw model after the LHC 8 TeV runGoto T.; Okada Y.; Shindou T., et al
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