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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Sub-0.5 nm Equivalent Oxide Thickness Scaling for Si-Doped Zr1−xHfxO2 Thin Film without Using Noble Metal ElectrodeJi-Hoon Ahn; Kwon S.-H.
2015-08Observation of tunable band gap and anisotropic Dirac semimetal state in black phosphorusHighly Cited PaperKim J.; Baik S.S.; Sae Hee Ryu, et al
2015-09Thermal and transport properties of U2PtxIr1-xC2Mingu Kang; Wakeham N.; Ni N., et al
2015-09High-Conductivity Two-Dimensional Polyaniline Nanosheets Developed on Ice SurfacesChoi I.Y.; Lee J.; Ahn H., et al
2015-10Chiral solitons in a coupled double Peierls chainSangmo Cheon; Tae-Hwan Kim; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2015-11Enhancement of the anisotropic photocurrent in ferroelectric oxides by strain gradientsChu, K.; Jang, B.-K.; Ji Ho Sung, et al
2015-11Realization of a Strained Atomic Wire SuperlatticeInkyung Song; Jung Suk Goh; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2015-12Emergence of Two-Dimensional Massless Dirac Fermions, Chiral Pseudospins, and Berrys Phase in Potassium Doped Few-Layer Black PhosphorusBaik S.S.; Keun Su Kim; Yi Y., et al
2015-12Influence of random point defects introduced by proton irradiation on the flux creep rates and magnetic field dependence of the critical current density J c of co-evaporated GdBa2Cu3O7-δ coated conductorsHaberkorn, N.; Jeehoon Kim; Suárez, S., et al
2015-04Charge ordering, ferroelectric, and magnetic domains in LuFe2O4 observed by scanning probe microscopyYang I.K.; Jeehoon Kim; Lee S.H., et al
2015-05The role of contact resistance in GeTe and Ge2Sb2Te5 nanowire phase change memory reset switching currentInchan Hwang; Yong-Jun Cho; Myoung-Jae Lee, et al
2015-06Tunable Fano quantum-interference dynamics using a topological phase transition in (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Koirala, N; Brahlek, M, et al
2015-06Interlayer orientation-dependent light absorption and emission in monolayer semiconductor stacksHoseok Heo; Ji Ho Sung; Cha S., et al
2015-07Characterization of the insulator barrier and the superconducting transition temperature in GdBa2Cu3O72d/BaTiO3 bilayers for application in tunnel junctionsNavarro H.; Yang I.; Sirena M., et al
2015-07Directional radiation of Babinet-inverted optical nanoantenna integrated with plasmonic waveguideKim J.; Roh Y.-G.; Sangmo Cheon, et al
2015-07Spatially resolved penetration depth measurements and vortex manipulation in the ferromagnetic superconductor ErNi2 B2 CDirk Wulferding; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2015-08Magnetic domain tuning and the emergence of bubble domains in the bilayer manganite La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 (x=0.32)Juyoung Jeong; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2015-08Interplay of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions in the low-temperature phase of 1T-TaS2Doohee Cho; Cho Y.-H.; Cheong S.-W., et al
2015-10Ultra-high modulation depth exceeding 2,400% in optically controlled topological surface plasmonsSim, S.; Jang, H.; Koirala, N., et al
2015-11Value-added Synthesis of Graphene: Recycling Industrial Carbon Waste into Electrodes for High-Performance Electronic DevicesSeo, H.-K.; Kim, T.-S.; Chibeom Park, et al
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