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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Epitaxial van der Waals Contacts between Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayer PolymorphsChang-Soo Lee; Oh S.J.; Hoseok Heo, et al
2019-03Origin of the Insulating Phase and First-Order Metal-Insulator Transition in 1T-TaS2Lee S.-H.; Jung Suk Goh; Doohee Cho
2019-03Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of massive Dirac fermions in a Dirac antiferromagnet SrMnSb2Jung Sang You; Lee, I; Choi, ES, et al
2019-03Multiple surface conduction channels via topological insulator and amorphous insulator thin film multi-stacksJerng, SK; Jeon, JH; Kim, Y, et al
2019-04Position-selective solution phase growth of fullerene crystalsChibeom Park; Jinho Lee; Lee M., et al
2019-05Giant Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by Ligand LS Coupling in Layered Cr CompoundsKim, DH; Kim, K; Ko, KT, et al
2019-06Crossover between Photochemical and Photothermal Oxidations of Atomically Thin Magnetic Semiconductor CrPS4Kim S.; Lee J.; Gangtae Jin, et al
2019-06Real-time digital signal recovery for sensors and amplifiers with resonant characteristicsJhinhwan Lee
2019-07Atomically thin three-dimensional membranes of van der Waals semiconductors by wafer-scale growthGangtae Jin; Chang-Soo Lee; Liao X., et al
2019-07Observation of spin-orbit excitations and Hund's multiplets in Ca2RuO4Gretarsson, H; Suzuki, H; Hoon Kim, et al
2019-07Steep-Slope Threshold Switch Enabled by Pulsed-Laser-Induced Phase TransformationPark, Y; Yoon, D; Keisuke Fukutani, et al
2019-07Electroluminescence from h-BN by using Al2O3/h-BN multiple heterostructureLee, SH; Jeong, H; Kim, DY, et al
2019-08Dynamical Metal to Charge-Density-Wave Junctions in an Atomic Wire ArraySun Kyu Song; Samad, A; Wippermann, S, et al
2019-08Electrical detection of spin-polarized current in topological insulator Bi 1.5 Sb 0.5 Te 1.7 Se 1.3Hwang T.-H.; Kim H.-S.; Hoil Kim, et al
2019-09Phonon anomalies in pyrochlore iridates studied by Raman spectroscopyUeda, K; Kaneko, R; Subedi, A, et al
2019-09Unique Crystal Structure of Ca2RuO4 in the Current Stabilized Semimetallic StateBertinshaw, J; Gurung, N; Jorba, P, et al
2019-09Emergent honeycomb network of topological excitations in correlated charge density waveJae Whan Park; Cho, GY; Jinwon Lee, et al
2019-09Electronic and vibrational signatures of ruthenium vacancies in Sr2RuO4 thin filmsKim, G; Suyolcu, YE; Herrero-Martin, J, et al
2019-10Light polarization-controlled conversion of ultrafast coherent-incoherent exciton dynamics in Few-Layer ReS2Sim S.; Lee D.; Lee J., et al
2019-11Temperature-dependent optical properties of self-doped superconducting Fe-pnictide, Sr2VO3FeAsLee, S; Roh, S; Seo, YS, et al
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