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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05Switching chiral solitons for algebraic operation of topological quaternary digitsTae-Hwan Kim; Sangmo Cheon; Han Woong Yeom
2017-08Rapid Photochemical Synthesis of Sea-Urchin-Shaped Hierarchical Porous COF-5 and Its Lithography-Free Patterned GrowthSoyoung Kim; Chibeom Park; Minkyung Lee, et al
2017-08Electrical spin transport in cylindrical silicon nanowires with CoFeB/MgO contactsTae-Eon Park; Byoung-Chul Min; Hee Gyum Park, et al
2017-10Electrodynamic properties of the semimetallic Dirac material SrMnBi2: Two-carrier-model analysisH. J. Park; Byung Cheol Park; Min-Cheol Lee, et al
2017-10Atomically Abrupt Topological p-n JunctionSung Hwan Kim; Kyung-Hwan Jin; Byung Woo Kho, et al
2017-11Switching Magnetism and Superconductivity with Spin-Polarized Current in Iron-Based SuperconductorSeokhwan Choi; Hyoung Joon Choi; Jong Mok Ok, et al
2017-11Coplanar semiconductor-metal circuitry defined on few-layer MoTe2 via polymorphic heteroepitaxyJi Ho Sung; Hoseok Heo; Saerom Si, et al
2017-11Violation of Ohm’s law in a Weyl metalDongwoo Shin; Yongwoo Lee; M.Sasaki, et al
2017-12Two-Dimensional Dirac Fermions Protected by Space-Time InversionSymmetry in Black PhosphorusJimin Kim; Seung Su Baik; Sung Won Jung, et al
2017-12Frustration driven C-4 symmetric orders in a naturally heterostructured superconductor Sr2VO3FeAsJong Mok Ok; S.-H. Baek; C. Hoch, et al
2017-04Domain engineering of the metastable domains in the 4f-uniaxial-ferromagnet CeRu2 Ga2BD. Wulferding; H. Kim; I. Yang, et al
2017-05Reverse Anti-solvent Crystallization Process for the Facile Synthesis of Zinc Tetra(4-pyridyl)porphyrin Single Crystalline CubesYohwan Park; Hong M.; Jin Young Koo, et al
2017-08Correlated electronic states at domain walls of a Mott-charge-density-wave insulator 1T-TaS2Doohee Cho; Gyeongcheol Gye; Jinwon Lee, et al
2017-10Emergent geometric description for a topological phase transition in the Kitaev superconductor modelKi-Seok Kim; Miok Park; Jaeyoon Cho, et al
2017-10Moiré Superstructure and Dimensional Crossover of 2D Electronic States on Nanoscale Lead Quantum FilmsHyo Sung Kim; Gyeongcheol Gye; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2017-11Postprocessing Algorithm for Driving Conventional Scanning Tunneling Microscope at Fast Scan RatesHao Zhang; Xianqi Li; Yunmei Chen, et al
2018-01Single-Component-Based White Light Photoluminescence Emission via Selective Photooxidation in an Organic-Polymer Hybrid SystemMinkyung Lee; Intek Song; Misun Hong, et al
2018-01Giant magnetoelastic spin-flop with magnetocrystalline instability in La1.4Sr1.6Mn2O7Ko, KT; Jang, H; Kim, DH, et al
2018-01Quartz-based flat-crystal resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectrometer with sub-10 meV energy resolutionJungho Kim; D.Casa; Alman Said, et al
2018-01Tailoring the electronic properties of Ca2RuO4 via epitaxial strainC. Dietl; S. K. Sinha; G. Christiani, et al
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