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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Elongated Lifetime and Enhanced Flux of Hot Electrons on a Perovskite Plasmonic NanodiodeYujin Park; Jungkweon Choi; Changhwan Lee, et al
2019-08Sub-nanosecond secondary geminate recombination in mercury halides HgX2 (X = I, Br) investigated by time-resolved x-ray scatteringDenis Leshchev; Dmitry Khakhulin; Gemma Newby, et al
2019-08The effect of the oxidation states of supported oxides on catalytic activity: CO oxidation studies on Pt/cobalt oxideHee Chan Song; Seungtaeg Oh; Sang Hoon Kim, et al
2019-09Intrinsic Relation between Hot Electron Flux and Catalytic Selectivity during Methanol OxidationSi Woo Lee; Woonghyeon Park; Hyosun Lee, et al
2019-09Atomic-scale view of stability and degradation of single-crystal MAPbBr3 surfacesJoong Il Jake Choi; Muhammad Ejaz Khan; Zafer Hawash, et al
2019-09Two-dimensional FeS2-encapsulated Au: a quasiepitaxial heterojunction for synergistic catalytic activity under photoelectrocatalytic water reductionIndranil Mondal; Song Yi Moon; Hyunhwa Lee, et al
2019-10Influence of Support Acidity of Pt/Nb 2 O 5 Catalysts on Selectivity of CO 2 HydrogenationSi Bui Trung Tran; Hanseul Choi; Sunyoung Oh, et al
2019-10Height determination of single-layer graphene on mica at controlled humidity using atomic force microscopyLee H.; Jeong Young Park
2019-11Facile synthesis of mesoporous zeolite Y using seed gel and amphiphilic organosilaneChithravel Venkatesan; Hongjun Park; Jaeheon Kim, et al
2019-11Solvent-dependent complex reaction pathways of bromoform revealed by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering and X-ray transient absorption spectroscopyQingyu Kong; Dmitry Khakhulin; Ilya A. Shkrob, et al
2019-11Ferroelectric-Polymer-Enabled Contactless Electric Power Generation in Triboelectric NanogeneratorsHyun Soo Kim; Dong Yeong Kim; Jae-Eun Kim, et al
2019-11Birth of a class of nanomaterialRyong Ryoo
2019-12Dynamic friction behavior of ultrananocrystalline diamond films: A depth-resolved chemical phase analysisKalpataru Panda; Revati Rani; Niranjan Kumar, et al
2019-12Sterically Controlled Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Dynamics in SolutionJungkweon Choi; Doo-Sik Ahn; Sol-Yi Gal, et al
2019-12Template dissolution with NaOH–HCl in synthesis of zeolite-templated carbons: Effects on oxygen functionalization and electrical energy storage characteristicsHongjun Park; Steven K. Terhorst; Raj Kumar Bera, et al
2019-12Oxygen activation on the interface between Pt nanoparticles and mesoporous defective TiO2 during CO oxidationSunyoung Oh; Hyunwoo Ha; Hanseul Choi, et al
2019-12Charge Transfer during the Aluminum-Water Reaction Studied with Schottky Nanodiode SensorsIevgen I. Nedrygailov; Yeob Heo; Heeyoung Kim, et al
2019-12Boron-Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond-Carbon Nanospike Hybrid Electron Emission SourceKamatchi Jothiramalingam Sankaran; Mateusz Ficek; Kalpataru Panda, et al
2019-12Water-Assisted Growth of Cobalt Oxide and Cobalt Hydroxide Overlayers on the Pt3Co(111) SurfaceJeongjin Kim; Won Hui Doh; Youngjae Kim, et al
2020-01Tribochemistry of TaN, TiAlN and TaAlN coatings under ambient atmosphere and high-vacuum sliding conditionsD. Dinesh Kumar; Revati Rani; Niranjan Kumar, et al
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