Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions(나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단)603

Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단

Our research center was established in July 2012 as one of the campus research centers of Institute for Basic Science (IBS), and then has been trying to find ultimate solutions for current environmental and energy related problems through understanding basic science. The primary goal of our center is to establish a general principle for the synthesis of nanomaterials which have designed structure to have desired functions in a wide range of area. In recent years, the impressive advances in nanoscience and nanotechnologies have allowed a better understanding of these materials, making them very attractive alternatives. Our center will investigate the comprehensive principle of nanostructure formation in the synthesis of nanomaterials with various functions. Furthermore, we will try to understand and control green chemical reactions occurring in these nano-catalysts to solve energy and environmental issues. For the achievement of this goal, our center has grown to consist of five world-class research groups that have expertise in nanomaterials design & synthesis, nanofabrication, chemical reaction study, structural investigation of nanomaterials, and chemical reaction on the surface of nanomaterials. In addition, our research group was equipped with the most advanced instruments (e.g., environmental TEM, environmental STM and high-resolution SEM) and built world-class research environment, to support groundbreaking research.


Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions(나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단)

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