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STCF conceptual design report (Volume 1): Physics & detector

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STCF conceptual design report (Volume 1): Physics & detector
Achasov, M.; Ai, X. C.; An, L. P.; Aliberti, R.; An, Q.; Bai, X. Z.; Bai, Y.; Bakina, O.; Barnyakov, A.; Blinov, V.; Bobrovnikov, V.; Bodrov, D.; Bogomyagkov, A.; Bondar, A.; Boyko, I.; Bu, Z. H.; Cai, F. M.; Cai, H.; Cao, J. J.; Cao, Q. H.; Cao, X.; Cao, Z.; Chang, Q.; Chao, K. T.; Chen, D. Y.; Chen, H.; Chen, H. X.; Chen, J. F.; Chen, K.; Chen, L. L.; Chen, P.; Chen, S. L.; Chen, S. M.; Chen, S.; Chen, S. P.; Chen, W.; Chen, X.; Chen, X. F.; Chen, X. R.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y. Q.; Cheng, H. Y.; Cheng, J.; Cheng, S.; Cheng, T. G.; Dai, J. P.; Dai, L. Y.; Dai, X. C.; Dedovich, D.; Denig, A.; Denisenko, I.; Dias, J. M.; Ding, D. Z.; Dong, L. Y.; Dong, W. H.; Druzhinin, V.; Du, D. S.; Du, Y. J.; Du, Z. G.; Duan, L. M.; Epifanov, D.; Fan, Y. L.; Fang, S. S.; Fang, Z. J.; Fedotovich, G.; Feng, C. Q.; Feng, X.; Feng, Y. T.; Fu, J. L.; Gao, J.; Gao, Y. N.; Ge, P. S.; Geng, C. Q.; Geng, L. S.; Gilman, A.; Gong, L.; Gong, T.; Gou, B.; Gradl, W.; Gu, J. L.; Guevara, A.; Gui, L. C.; Guo, A. 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Y.; Zhao, H. Y.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, L.; Zhao, M. G.; Zhao, Q.; Zhao, R. G.; Zhao, R. P.; Zhao, Y. X.; Zhao, Z. G.; Zhao, Z. X.; Zhemchugov, A.; Zheng, B.; Zheng, L.; Zheng, Q. B.; Zheng, R.; Zheng, Y. H.; Zhong, X. H.; Zhou, H. J.; Zhou, H. Q.; Zhou, H.; Zhou, S. H.; Zhou, X.; Zhou, X. K.; Zhou, X. P.; Zhou, X. R.; Zhou, Y. L.; Zhou, Y.; Zhou, Y. X.; Zhou, Z. Y.; Zhu, J. Y.; Zhu, K.; Zhu, R. D.; Zhu, R. L.; Zhu, S. H.; Zhu, Y. C.; Zhu, Z. A.; Zhukova, V.; Zhulanov, V.; Zou, B. S.; Zuo, Y. B.
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The super tau-charm facility (STCF) is an electron-positron collider proposed by the Chinese particle physics community. It is designed to operate in a center-of-mass energy range from 2 to 7 GeV with a peak luminosity of 0.5 x 1035 cm-2 center dot s-1 or higher. The STCF will produce a data sample about a factor of 100 larger than that of the present tau-charm factory - the BEPCII, providing a unique platform for exploring the asymmetry of matter-antimatter (charge-parity violation), in-depth studies of the internal structure of hadrons and the nature of non-perturbative strong interactions, as well as searching for exotic hadrons and physics beyond the Standard Model. The STCF project in China is under development with an extensive R&D program. This document presents the physics opportunities at the STCF, describes conceptual designs of the STCF detector system, and discusses future plans for detector R&D and physics case studies.
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